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Taste of Trondheim & the Coast

Train and Coastal Cruise

6 Days / 3 locations in Norway


Day 1     Oslo
Accommodation: Thon Hotel Opera

Individual arrival to Oslo.

The capital of Norway is one of Europe’s fastest-growing cities. International media is constantly writing about Oslo’s innovative architecture, museums, and neighbourhoods, as well as everything that moves on the food, fashion, art, and music scenes. Over the last few years, several new quarters have been established in the city centre, with exciting new activities and attractions. The high-rise buildings in Barcode and captivating landmarks like the Opera House and the Astrup Fearnley museum are changing the face of the city, and have now been

accompanied by the Munch Museum and National Museum.

Day 2     Oslo - Trondheim
Accommodation: Thon Hotel Nidaros
Meals: Breakfast

Depart on a scenic 7 hour scenic train ride to Trondheim!

Dep. 8.02amArr. 2.45pm (other departures available)

Departure from Oslo S Central station, a short walk from your hotel.

Trondheim - Where the fusion of history, arts, technology and green initiatives ignite a culture of innovation and rich tradition. Trondheim stands out with its progressive nature and vibrant city life, while still embodying its small town heart. Did you know it was once the Viking capital of Norway? Even before the Pilgrims and the Viking Age, people were drawn to the region by the seafood rich fjords and vast mountain ranges garnering an abundance of wildlife and some of the most fertile soil in the country.

Day 3     Trondheim
Accommodation: Thon Hotel Nidaros
Meals: Breakfast

Spend the day exploring Trondheim!

There are many highlights in Trondheim. The Nidaros Cathedral in the centre is an impressive sight. The cathedral’s history also makes it a hugely popular pilgrimage destination in Europe.Some of the city’s most popular museums include Trondheim Art Museum, National Museum of

Decorative Arts and Design (Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum) and the Archbishop’s Palace(Erkebispegården). Trondheim invests heavily in locally produced food and drink so you have every opportunity to

taste new flavors you won’t find anywhere else

Day 4     Trondheim - Bergen
On Board the Hurtigruten
Meals: Breakfast

Depart on Coastal Steamer to Bergen (the ship arrives Trondheim at 06:30am)

Departure from Trondheim at 10:00am.

Overnight and 1 breakfast on board in outside cabin

Day 5     Bergen
Accommodation: Hordaheimen Hotel

Arrive Bergen in the afternoon and transfer on your own to hotel

Bergen - As a European City of Culture and World Heritage City, Bergen offers world-class experiences and culture. Being the Gateway to the Fjords of Norway, Bergen has the ideal combination of nature, culture and interesting urban attractions. Pick and choose of a great

range of things to do in Bergen – all year round. We are more than happy to organize this for you as well

Day 6     Bergen
Meals: Breakfast

Arrangements end after breakfast or continue on one of our tour suggestions!



Rate depends on availability on the coastal steamer - rate may change – depends on availability and time of year.

Remember we always try our best to customize the itinerary the way you want. If you want to add another night, change room category/hotel, add a special activity or add a new

destination to the itinerary- please let us know.

Price Includes
Transportation As Per Itinerary
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Daily Breakfast at Hotels
Coastal Steamer - Outside Cabin
1 Breakfast on the Ship
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