Car Rentals In Scandinavia

Exploring Scandinavia independently in a rental car is highly recommended. The traffic is light, travel is on the right-hand side and roads are well signposted. It allows the most flexibility to see and explore the countryside from historical sites to breathtaking scenery. Equipped with the right knowledge and a good map, travel by rental car is an experience not to be missed!

A few points to remember about rental cars in Scandinavia:

  • Most cars have standard transmission.
  • Automatics increase daily rates significantly, please ask.
  • Most cars are not equipped with air conditioning.
  • Economy and Compact categories are recommended for no more than two adults.
  • Rates are higher than in North America as they include taxes of up to 25%.
  • Drop-off charges between major cities in Scandinavia apply.
  • Gasoline prices are on average $8.50 – $10.00 per gallon.
  • In many places, car ferries are necessary and these fares ranging from $20 – $70 should be budgeted.