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Torshavn, Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands an autonomous area under Danish administration which lies between Iceland and Norway. All in all there are 18 islands of which 17 are inhabited. The total population is about 48 000. The islands (reached by air from Denmark and Iceland or by ferry from Iceland, Denmark, Norway or the Shetlands in Scotland) consist of rugged green mountains fjords and countless waterfalls. Other attractions include medieval churches, fishing villages, old farmhouses and sheep. It is not in the least touristy if you stay away from the shoppingstreets in Torshavn. The people are friendly (you can find yourself engaged in long talks with the local fishermen), its fairly modern and it has a unique atmosphere. The light which constantly changes is extraordinary. The islands are known for their linguistic diversity as every little bygd (settlement) has a very distinctive dialect. You will especially enjoy the towns of Gjogv, Kirkjubo, Torshavn (the capital city), Tjornevik (wide windswept beach) and Saksun (set on the hillside above a tidal lake).


City Tour of Torshavn

Join our private driver-guide on this tour around the capital of Torshavn. We begin by driving past noteworthy landmarks and continue to the newer parts of town. After this we take a walk in the old part of town.

2 hours

Departure every day by arrangement.

Price: DKK 520 min. 2 pax

Panorama and Vestmanna Bird Cliffs

By coach via the mountain road to Vestmanna where our excursion boat awaits. The boat sails along the dramatic cliff wall into a narrow strait and into some of the many grottoes. En route back to Torshavn we will make a stop at an old Viking farmstead in the quaint village of Kvivik.

Departure every Thursday and Saturday at 12:30

4 hours

Price: DKK 695

Visit Sandoy and Kirkjubøur

Travel by ferry to the beautiful island of Sandoy, where traditional Faroese lifestyle can still be experienced. Then we continue to the old cultural centre of Kirkjubøur where we see the 900-year-old turf-roofed farmhouse Roykstoven and the oldest Faroese church, St Olav’s Church from AD 1111. Scheduled departure every Sunday at 09:00

Price: DKK 895 including lunch

8 hours

Please note this tour can be done on private basis every Wednesday. (Min. 2 participants)

Net price per person DKK 3.000 incl. packed lunch

Visit the Northern part of Eysturoy

Driving past the old whaling station Áir to the villages of Gjógv and Funning. The stone formations 'The Giant and the Hag' (Risin & Kellingin) are a spectacular viewpoint from Eidi and here you can also see the highest mountain on the Faroe Islands. Visit to Saksun - a small village surrounded by high mountains in a beautiful setting.

5 hour

Departure every Friday at 08:00

Price: DKK 790 incl. lunch

Experience the Northern Faroe Islands

Full day trip to the northern islands and the opportunity to experience several islands.. Along the route we will see the ancient Viking settlements at Leirvík, King Christian's church in Klaksvík and a wool shop.

7 hours

Departure every Tuesday at 08:00

Price: DKK 850 incl. lunch

Torshavn & Nolsoy

Tour starts at the obelisk"Kongaminnid" and continues to Kongabrugvin (harbour) where we take the ferry to Nolsoy. Nolsoy is a typical old village where daily life passes by. The island is famous for its colony of Storm Petrels and excellent hiking opportunities. After lunch in the village we take a walk out to the northern tip of the island called "Strongin". Lunch included.

6 hours

Departure every Friday.

Visit Mykines

Daytrip to the westernmost island of Mykines, which is blessed with a rich bird life. See among others the impressive Gannet who is the king among the Faroese birds and only breeds on Mykinesholm. Get close to puffins, the charming little birds with the colourful beaks. The tour is guided on the bus until we reach the ferry at Sørvagur. Explore Mykines individually.

10 hours

Departure every Wednesday at 08:30

Price: DKK 695

Cruise with the old Schooner "Nordlýsid"

Enjoy Torshavn from the seaside on the old schooner´ and see a multitude of seabirds.

3 hours

Departure every Tuesday and Thursday.

Price on request

Cave concert

This trip will take you to the island Hestur where you find the magic Klæmints-gjógv that sets the scene for our world famous Cave Concerts.

No concert will be the same because of nature's participation. It may be so quiet that you can hear the birds contributing to the concert, while at other times, the dull beating of waves inside the caves, provide a completely different experience and sound.

Note: The trip requires a certain degree of mobility as we shall enter, from Norðlysið, into small boats to sail into the caves.

Departure every Tuesday from June to August at 13:00 (extra departures may be available in July)

5 hours

Price on request