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Lake Myvatn, Iceland

Bubbling mud flats, lunaresque volcanic craters, newborn lava fields, and grassy shoals teeming with waterfowl; these are among the sights of the striking Lake Myvatn region, one of the most geologically active and stunningly beautiful areas in Iceland. In 1974, the lake was declared a national conservation area, and since then it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Its name means Midge Lake, after the hordes of gnats that breed in the shallow waters (so bring bug spray), but the pesky insects perfect food for fish support the best trout and salmon fishing in Iceland. There are also more species of duck here than anywhere in Europe, 15 in all.

The heavy volcanic activity in the region during the last few thousand years accounts for its extraordinary land formations and geology. Dimmuborgir, on the East side of the lake, is a badlands of lava pillars, some of which reach 65 feet in height. Just north is Hverfjall, a smooth, stadium-shaped volcanic cone that formed during eruptions 2,500 years ago. One of the most bizarre attractions in the region are the mud pits of Haverarond, which are so hot that they actually boil. Far cooler are the waters of Viti, an explosion crater nearby. Another unforgettable sight near Myvatn is Eldhraun (fire lava), an absolutely barren lava field where the Apollo 11 crew came in the late 60's to train for their impending moonwalks.



Take an exciting adventure on snowmobiles out on the frozen Lake Mývatn or travel deep into the Highlands with a guide. 30 min. and 1 hour tour available.


Sightseeing at Mývatn and a super jeep adventure. 3 tours available: Around the area of Lake Mývatn, a tour to Dettifoss the most powerful waterfall in Europe and unforgettable at winter time and a tour further into the Mývatn area.

Sightseeing Tours

Sightseeing tours to some spectacular places, Icelandic farms, power station, museums and a search for the northern lights. These tours are recommended for all nature lovers.

Cross-Country Skiing

The Lake Mývatn area and surrounding Highlands are great for cross-country skiing. There is a good mixture of areas from easy to more demanding and the length of each tour also depends on ones ability.

Horseback Riding

A wonderful area that offers a great variation of trekking routs. On offer are tours from one hour to a day-tour with different destinations, something to match your desire.

Go-Kart On Ice

Experience the adventure of driving on the ice of the lake. The snow is taken away and you drive with nailed tires. Also available is go-karting in the snow.


Different kinds of amusements on the frozen lake; bowling, cricket, skating, mini golf etc.