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Iceland Fissure

Adventure Travel is for those travelers who wish to actively participate in their vacation. They generally visit places where the focus is on the local nature and environment. Scantours offers trips for everyone from the highly adventurous and athletic and to those who wish to more quietly observe the world around them. There are trips for cyclists, skiers, kayakers and hikers. We also offer cruises to rarely visited places like Greenland and Arctic Norway (Svalbard) and Antarctica. Or perhaps you would enjoy a stay in an Ice Hotel or Igloo, a once in a lifetime experience, with reindeer and dogsled safaris.

Browse through the selection of Adventure Vacations below and call or e-mail us with any questions or requests.

Scantours specializes in customized itineraries for groups and individuals.

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North Norway, Aurora Borealis & Whales
8 Days / 2 locations in Norway
From $2450 Per Person Double Occupancy
S/V Rembrandt van Rijn

The North Norway cruise follows the path of more than one kind of whale as it travels amongst the fjords of Troms. The long Norway nights offer travellers on this expedition an excellent chance to take in the beauty and wonder of the Northern Lights. View Itinerary & Departures »

North Spitsbergen, Early Arctic Spring
0 Days / 2 locations in Svalbard, Norway
From $3150 Per Person Double Occupancy
S/V Noorderlicht

At the end of a long Arctic winter, spring is starting to awaken. The climate, however, still clings to the cold: snow-covered mountains, snow-swept shores, temperatures around –10° C (14°F). It’s a good time to experience the last of winter scenery, and with a little luck, also see some polar bears, walruses, and seals. View Itinerary & Departures »

Norway in a Winter Nutshell
7 Days / 3 locations in Norway
From $1497 Per Person Double Occupancy
Narrow Fjord

Enjoy Norway in a Nutshell in Winter. View Itinerary & Departures »

South Iceland - Waterfalls, Glaciers and Diamond Beach
6 Days / 9 locations in Iceland
From $1475 Per Person Double Occupancy

Experience a week of natural wonders on the beautiful south Iceland, the perfect setting for waterfalls, glaciers and black-sand beaches. View Itinerary & Departures »

Taste of Lofoten & Whales
6 Days / 3 locations in Norway
From $1089 Per Person Double Occupancy

This tour includes a whale Safari. The excursion includes entrance fee and guide in the Whale Center, a multimedia show, a 3-6 hour guided boat trip and a light meal on board. These trips are very dependent on the weather and may, for safety reasons, be canceled or altered on short notice. View Itinerary & Departures »

Volcanoes & Glaciers Small Group Tour
6 Days / 3 locations in Iceland
From $1795 Per Person Double Occupancy

This popular tour is a perfect opportunity to discover the magic of Iceland’s famous volcanoes and glaciers on a short but complete journey. View Itinerary & Departures »

Volcanoes and Ice, 7 Days from Reykjavik
7 Days / 2 locations in Greenland and Iceland
From $3574 Per Person Double Occupancy

The first thing the Vikings saw centuries ago, when they arrived to South Iceland was the glacier Vatnajokull. Therefore they named the land, Iceland. Nevertheless, there is much more to learn about this fascinating country. View Itinerary & Departures »

Alpine Peaks of North Norway, Ski & Sail
8 Days / 2 locations in Norway
From $2750 Per Person Double Occupancy
S/V Rembrandt van Rijn

Starting in Tromsø, the “Paris of the North,” and finishing in Alta, the home of the Northern Lights Cathedral, this adventurous voyage lets you ski some of the best and biggest off-the-beaten track slopes in Northern Norway. Summits like Trolltinden, Arnoyhogda, and Øksfordjøkelen are all possibilities on this exhilarating expedition-style cruise. View Itinerary & Departures »

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