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Nuuk, Greenland

Welcome to Nuuk, the smallest capital of the world. In this town, the old blends with the new in a unique and dynamic way.

The missionary Hans Egede founded Nuuk in 1728 as the very first town in Greenland. Nuuk has a very rich and varied history and the oldest settlements date back 4.200 years.

The natural beauty and wildlife surrounding Nuuk is a breath-taking experience. This includes magnificent geology, Humpback-whales playing in the fjord, reindeer on land, bird watching and much more.

The wide range of excursions offered by Nuuk Tourism allows you to experience some of the most beautiful and fascinating Arctic nature in the world.

Nuuk Tourism offers a variety of activities such as mountain trekking, angling & fly-fishing, glacier trekking, jewel-stone searching, skiing, golfing and much more. You can visit Inuit and Norse Viking ruins or soar in a helicopter over the beautiful landscape all the way to the edge of the Inland Ice Cap. Nuuk Tourism also hosts the annual Snow Sculpture Festival where both locals as well as international snow sculptors join together in the city's true attraction.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy Nuuk's rich cultural life and activities, the excellent possibilities of nocturnal entertainment and experience the rare atmosphere of a small cosy and dynamic Arctic capital.