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The M/S Juno

M/S Juno
Length31 m
Beam6 m
Draft2 m
Tonnage254 tons
Cruise Speed10 knots

The dean of the canal boats, "Juno" is named for the patron goddess of marriage and motherhood. She was built in 1874 at the Motala Werkstad in Motala. The intent was to call her "Darwin" to honor the English scientist, but some of the shareholders objected and Juno was the compromise choice. As a direct result of this, many of the company's subsequent ships were also named after gods. At first the boat was painted black with a white line around the deck and square windows. She had a single cabin on the upper deck and the long, thin funnel typical of the times. In 1904 the boat was thoroughly rebuilt at Motala Werkstad and in 1956 she was fitted with two diesel engines. Her current profile dates to 1963 and today she is the world's oldest registered boat with overnight cabins.

The cabins are charming, but small! With the exception of the cabins on the main deck (cat. C) on board the M/S Diana (and some special cabins on the other two ships, the cabins are fitted with bunk beds and are about the size of a small sleeping compartment on a train. All cabins are above the waterline with a porthole (main deck) or a window. The cabins have a washbasin with hot and cold water. None of the cabins have private facilities. However, showers are provided on all decks (except shelter deck on M/S Diana), as well as toilets. The ships use 220 V electricity, with outlets in all cabins.