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Thingvellir, Iceland

At ├×ingvellir, Al├żing - general assembly was established around 930 and continued to convene there until 1798. All major events in the history of Iceland have taken place at ├×ingvellir. Today ├×ingvellir is a national park where the protected area shall always be the property of the Icelandic nation, under the preservation of the Al├żing.

Research has made it clear that ├×ingvellir is a natural wonder on a international scale, with the geologic history and the biosystem of Lake ├×ingvallavatn forming a unique entity. The faults and fissures of the area make evident the rifting of the earth's crust and the ecosystem of Lake ├×ingvallavatn is a perfect example of species evolution in nature.

├×ingvellir is one of the most frequently visited tourist sites in Iceland. Each year, thousands of visitors go there to become better acquainted with Iceland's greatest historical site and jewel of nature. Visitors can get interpretation on the history and nature of ├×ingvellir and find hiking trails, camping grounds in ├×ingvellir National Park.