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Pavilosta, Latvia

Pavilosta is a small and tidy town on the west cost of Latvia situated right where the river Saka runs into the Baltic Sea. There are about 1200 inhabitants there, fishing harbour, a number of churches and lots of very beautiful white sand beaches.

The town is divided in two parts - the old and the new. The old part of the town is unique by its layout - at the end of any street you see the Baltic Sea. All the blocks are rectangular and the buildings ar not higher than 1.5 floors. Even the churches do not have the bell towers.

Another characteristic mark of Pavilosta is the grassland that adjoins the town instead of the typical dunes. The soil there is not fertile and the vegetation is fragile yet of great endurance to be able to withstand the harsh conditions of the Baltic seaside climate. There are no bright colours or forms but on a sunny summer afternoon when the air becomes hot and starts to whiffle, those plants start to spread the scent that really gives you this "out of this world" feeling...