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Palanga, Lithuania

jPalanga is an international seacoast resort for active recreation and rehabilitation treatment oriented towards an industry of wide range of entertainment with a developed modern social and service infrastructure.

Vacationers come here to escape their daily urbanized routines and gain strength from natural resources: the sun, sea water and fresh pine-forests' air.

The Municipality of the town Palanga occupies an area of 79 km2 in the territory of the district of Klaipeda, North-western Lithuania. There were 17.7 thousand residents in the area controlled by the Municipality of the town Palanga as of 2003.

In the North, the town borders with the Republic of Latvia, in the East with Kretinga, in the South, with the regions of Klaipeda and in the West with the Baltic Sea.

Palanga became a famous resort in early XX century and presently is one of the largest resorts and tourism centers of Lithuania. As a recreation place, it has already operated for a century and a half.

The geographical situation of the resort as well as its infrastructure and natural-cultural potential are favorable for the development of tourism business. The area is rich in natural recreational resources: the water area, beaches, original natural non-urbanized tract of the seacoast, recreational forests, clean ionized air and resources of mineral water and healing mud.

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