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Narsaq, Greenland

Narsaq, set against a mountain backdrop this village (pop. 1 900) offers several attractions including a museum (equipment and products from famous local printer and publisher Frederik Hoegh); the home of Henrik Lund (a priest and poet who wrote the national anthem); the Krystal Palace (a workshop specializing in modeling local stones); and Narsaq Foto (where John Rasmussen tells the story of life in South Greenland through photography). At Kayak Harbor youll see some old kayaks icebergs and hunters returning with seals. At the nearby mountain of Kvanefjeld you can hunt for gemstones (tuttupit) and uranium deposits have also been found in the area. 295 mi/475 km southeast of Nuuk.

Narsaq is a small provincial town with an interesting museum area around the old harbor. Many walking possibilities to the Viking ruins at Dyrnaes and to points of great geological interest are available.


City Walk

The guide tells the history of the town and about the everyday life in Greenland that in many ways is different to elsewhere in the world. We make a stop in the old Kayak Harbor where the local people still bring in fish and seals with their small boats and we visit the little market where the catch is sold, the church, the museum and the local skin factory. A tour where we try to give an all round understanding of the conditions of living in Greenland. Lunch included.

By Boat to the Inland Icecap

We sail across the ice filled Bredefiord to reach the Inland ice Cap. Here we go ashore on an island emerging from the edge of the ice cap at the twin glaciers; here we can walk up and touch the Inland Ice Cap. Packed lunch will be enjoyed in this amazing place. Before heading back towards Narsaq we sail into a bay with bird cliffs and a big waterfall.

Dyranes Peninsula & Kvanefjeld Hike

Walk up along the Narsaq river to the geological interesting area around the Kvanfjeld (Kvane Mountain). here we might find the rare gem stone Tugtupit only to be found in this area and in a small part of Siberia. The Arctic scenery is amazing and the view incredibly. Packed lunch included.

Dyranes Peninsula Short Hike

A leisurely hike including visit to a Viking ruin, remains from the Eskimos as well as beautiful Arctic sceneries. Is is a hike not that demanding and most clients will be able to participate.

Half Day by Boat to Eskimo Ruins

By boat across the Narsaq sund among the numerous icebergs to a natural harbour where we go a shore to see the ruins of Eskimo turf houses and some "jumping stones" - a popular game in the old Eskimo world.

Full Day Tour to Qaqortoq Including City Walk

We sail through the narrow Mato Strait to the biggest town in South Greenland called Qaqortoq. The old town centre from 1750'ies is still intact and all over the town the contemporary art projet "Man & Stone" can be experienced: more than 40 sculptures made of the rocks spread over town. Lunch at the little, cosy restaurant Napparsivik is one of the oldest houses on the old square with the only fountain in Greenland. Lunch included.

On certain days we can offer helicpter transportation Narsaq-Qaqortoq. This is nother way to experience the Greenland landscape while flying at low altitude in one of the helicopters of Air Greenland.

Greenland Buffet

Buffet with all the Greenland delicacies.

Hiking on Your Own

The area around Narsaq offers perfect conditions for all kinds of hiking. It is a three- to four-day hike from Narsaq to Qassiarsuk, staying at the Ipiutaq Guest Farm and youth hostels on the way, or just sleeping in a tent next to one of the many lakes and streams in the area.

From Narsarsuaq hikers can easily reach the ice cap following a well marked trail. From the settlement of Qassiarsuk, across the fjord from Narsarsuaq, you can hike to the sheep farms and youth hostels of Tasiusaq and Nunataaq.

Hikers can also take a boat to the small harbour of Itilleq, and from there walk to Igaliku, where there are the famous Viking ruins of Gardar. Igaliku is situated on the Qaqortoq peninsula, thus making it possible to hike from there to the town of Qaqortoq.

Hiking maps can be purchased at the

Narsaq Tourist Office.