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Malmo, Sweden

Let Malmo, the City of parks, invite you to a magnificent smorgasbord of strong and warm autumn colors. Take a walk in one of Malmö´s many parks and see the colors go from summer to winter. Why not pick some beautiful leaves for your scrapbook!

A renaissance castle and a Turning Torso

We wish all tourists from all over the world welcome to the city of Malmö, the “capital” of the Swedish southernmost province Skane. Here is so much to see and experience. Why not visit the Malmohus Castle from the 15th century or the quite opposite when it comes to architecture; Turning Torso, a remarkable building that has gotten world attention for its uniqueness. Or just go shopping, better bargains is difficult to find in this area. Malmö is also famous for its food culture.

Two Nation Vacation

With the Oresund Bridge, the motorway and railway link, it takes only 35 minutes by train from Malmo city center to the city center of Copenhagen , Sweden and 22 minutes to Copenhagen Airport. Why not take a “Two nation vacation” and visit both Denmark and Sweden.

A Key Player

Malmo is a key player in the Oresund Region. With its pro-business strategy the city is well prepared to attract companies from all over the world. The city´s access to the sea and important transport routes to and from Scandinavia and Europe makes Malmo a perfect base for business. Malmo offers a variety of attractive locations and a first class infrastructure.