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Hveragerdi, Iceland

Geothermal energy is Hverager├░is lifeblood, and it would be difficult to find such a natural wonder in the middle of a populated area anywhere else in the world. The geothermal area is fenced off to prevent accidents, and special permission is required to explore the area.

Varm├í river flows southeast past Hverager├░i. Along its path are two lovely waterfalls: Baulufoss, opposite the Gr├Żla geyser, and Reykjafoss at the landscape garden at Fossfl├Ât.

The swimming pool at Laugaskar├░ was at one time the largest in Iceland. There are also hot pots, massage pots, a natural steam bath and a fitness facility.

Hverager├░i is located just 45 km from Reykjav├şk, and a great number of vehicles drive by or into Hverager├░i every year. From the rim of Kambabr├║n towering above the town, one can view how Hverager├░i spreads out over the 5000-year-old lava field sheltered by a mountain range. Throughout the year plumes of white steam stretch into the sky, which during the summer are joined with the green color of lush vegetation. Trees have thrived over the years in Hverager├░i as the green revolution continues to underscore the towns status as a blossoming oasis.


Horseback Riding

Rides are available summer and winter. This is an exceptional way to explore the surrounding area.

South Coast & Thorsmork

Travel by motorcoach to the South Coast area for the day.

Super Jeep Tours

There are multiple options to explore the surrounding countryside by Super Jeep.