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Harstad, Norway

Harstad is situated on Hinnøya, the largest island in Norway, and lies at the heart of a large and scenic area comprising the boroughs of Bjarkøy, Gratangen, Evenes, Tjeldsund og Skånland.

Harstad is a beautiful coastal town that is situated on the largest island in Norway, Hinnøya. Harstad is placed centrally in the most densely populated region in Northern Norway, surrounded by a beautiful and rich landscape. The town has a teeming culture life, and is the host of the annual Northern Norwegian Festival of Culture. Last summer, a large complex of swimming pools, known as Grottebadet, was opened, and proved very popular in Harstad. On the 8th of November 2003, Medkila IL won the football cup final for women. Since then, everybody in Norway knows where Medkila and Harstad are situated.

We are proud of our region that offers true North Norwegian coastal culture and national character, maritime adventures at sea and on lakes, a number of cultural arrangements and a teeming street life during the North Norwegian Festival of Culture week in June, historical buildings and experiences, closeness to nature and fantastic outdoor adventures just to mention a few things. Good communications, business and service offers make your stay and travel in our region a very pleasant experience.