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Druskininkai, Lithuania

Druskininkai is a well-known Lithuanian health resort. Located in the south of the country, it occupies 22 square kilometres and has about 22,000 inhabitants. The City is surrounded by pine forests that are dry, sandy and rich with a variety of mushrooms. The main activities in Druskininkai are visiting health centres and taking spa treatments.

Druskininkai is also home to the ecclectic Grutas Park where the Soviet era statues of Lenin, Marx, Stalin and other communist liminaries given to Lithuanian cities during the Soviet period have been collected for display.

There is also the forest museum "Girios Aidas" which has displays of the local flora and fauna as well as stories of trolls and other woodland inhabitants.

Druskininkai is known not only for it's spas , but has a history of being home of some of Lithuanias most well known artists and composers.There are galleries and museums throughout the town.

A visit to Druskininkai is a vacation for both the mind and the body!