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Puhajarve Spa Hotel

We are located in a 14th century knights manor house on the beautiful lakeside of P├╝haj├Ąrv. P├╝haj├Ąrve Spa Hotel, situated in the heart of P├╝haj├Ąrve manor park, offers a cosy and efficient hotel service to its guests, the best of up-to-date possibilities of health and conference centre.


The Manor of P├╝haj├Ąrve, presently known as the P├╝haj├Ąrve Holiday Resort, belonged to knight called Hermann and Otto von Uexk├╝ll. At that time the name of the manor was Wollust. Since 1836 upon the request of the new owner - Countess von Stackelberg - the manor was named Heiligensee (Holy Lake). In the 1920s, P├╝haj├Ąrve Holiday Resort manor became the popular and elite summer holiday location among the Estonian artists and other creative people. In 1940s a holiday resort was built into the P├╝haj├Ąrve manors building complex, which with small intervals operated for almost 60 years.

Origin of Lake P├╝haj├Ąrv


Accordingly to a legend, Lake P├╝haj├Ąrv was named after a sacred oaktree grove on the northern bank of the lake. For hundreds of years this magnificient lake has been kept sacred and magical place, which banks have witnessed the celebrations of Midsummer Nights, singing days and summer music concerts. Accordingly to the historical records the resourceful Lake P├╝haj├Ąrv has required also many sacrifices.

Under nature conservation

Four nature conservation objects are located on the territory of P├╝haj├Ąrve Hotel: Lake P├╝haj├Ąrv, War Oak, War oak forrest and P├╝haj├Ąrve manors park. In the end of 2003 we organized and illuminated all walking paths of the manors park as well as the bicycle road for Otep├Ą├Ą-K├Ą├Ąriku that goes through a hotels territory, was completed. We renovated old ponds and walking bridges of the manors park.