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Plevnagarden Hotell

Swedish Countryside Hotels

Plevnagården was built in 1886 as the first military hospital in Sweden. At that time it hosted the regiment of Södermanland. When the regiment moved to StrÀngnÀs in 1921 the Plevnagården became a school for schoolteachers and subsequently it became a rest home for them. Since 1980 the Plevnagården has been used as a hotel and conference centre.

In the garden there are two old soldier cottages and an eighteenth century house that was owned and used by Greta Garbos aunt in Sparreholm as a boarding house. When Garbo herself visited Sweden she stayed in this house. Today this historical house is used for accommodation and conferences.

Room Info

Stay in one of our nine single rooms, twenty double rooms or our very beautiful luxury suite.

You can also choose to stay in the Green Villa - previously a boarding house from Sparreholm - in the room where Greta Garbo stayed when she visited Sweden.

You can even stay in one of our three cottages. They have charming rooms where we have preserved the beams of the roof.

All of our rooms have a TV and are en-suite. The luxury suite is also equipped with a sauna and jacuzzi.