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Loenfjord Hotel


Enjoy a wonderful break

Hotel Loenfjord is located in Fjord Norway – in beautiful, magnificent mountain scenery. The river that attracted the English salmon lords during the 1800s runs past the hotel, and majestic mountains tower up behind the hotel to heights of 1,900 metres. Welcome to a pleasant, informal hotel with personal service and good food !

Summer hotel

It is beautiful in Loen during the summer. Blue glaciers, glittering lakes, emerald green valleys, gushing waterfalls and clear, bright air ! Loen has fantastic hiking terrain with both easy and more demanding footpaths. You can walk on a glacier or go skiing at the Stryn Summer Skiing Centre, go cycling and canoeing, or go fishing in rivers, lakes and the sea.


Bicycles, pedal boats and rowing boats are available for hire at Hotel Loenfjord, while canoes and kayaks can be hired further up Lodalen Valley. There is a tennis court and mini-golf course at Hotel Alexandra, and full-size golf courses in both Stryn and Nordfjordeid. You can also enjoy the luxurious swimming and SPA facilities available at Hotel Alexandra just across the road.

Or just relax

Most people are so busy doing something all the time, but in fact it is equally important to just allow the time to pass by.

Go for walk, look at the river, sit by the fireplace, enjoy the spa facilities and have facial, or strike a bargain at the nearby factory outlets.