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Gutenbergs Hotel

Hotel Gutenbergs is situated inside of two four-storey buildings, connected on every floor. There is a modern elevator for 10 persons.

38 rooms. Four stars. All rooms are equipped with bath or shower, TV, internet, minibar, safe for documents, hairdryer and heated floor in the bathroom etc. Reconstruction completed in 2001.

The main building was built at the end of 19th century and reminds one of a prosperous Riga\'s or a country baron\'s house. It\'s 3 m high ceilings, vast corridors with comfortable recreation areas and ormoulu candelabra.

The other building is much older. The 1st building - 19th century interior, 2nd - 17th century wealthy monger style.

This is ancient Riga, living here is a charming adventure.


Hotel "Gutenbergs" is situated in Northern part of Europe, in it\'s safest and most peaceful region.


Intact nature, the sea, lakes and forests. A nation numbering 2 million, who sing in the operas and the choirs the world over, win at the Olympics and music competitions - the only nation in the world wearing wildflower wreath and drinking beer during the summer solstice. The country that regained its independence from the USSR just 10 years ago and takes pride in never having been Russia.


Riga was founded in 1201. It is wonderful pearl of Europe with architectural masterpieces in art nouveau stile. Today Riga is a city with wonderful architecture, excellent opera, many restaurants and stores, great world\'s best beer, elegant dressing style.

The Centre

The Old Town of Riga - the heart of the City with its 14-th century President\'s palace, government institutions, offices, banks, narrow pedestrian streets, ancient churches, small shops and pubs - to suite every taste. There are people, light, merriment all night long. Hotel Gutenberg is situated in the very centre of the Old Town, next to the great Dome church at the same time on a narrow twisted street, where noting disturbs your nights sleep.

You will hardly find a better place for your work and recreation. Everything is close to the hotel and easily reached. Parking is next to the hotel or in guarded parking within 3 minutes walking distance