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Alta Igloo Hotel

Norway's largest and the world's northernmost icehotel will be opening again in the middle of January 2008. It is situated at the Alta Friluftspark, approximately 15 km from the centre of Alta.

The hotel is the only of its kind in Norway and measures almost 2000 square metres.

The entire exterior and interior is made of snow and ice; the rooms, the beds, even the glasses in the bar!

Apart from its 80 beds the Alta Igloo Hotel houses suites, an ice gallery, an ice-bar, an ice chapel and several lounges.

The hotel is decorated with ice-sculptures - exquisite works of art - which in combination with the pure white snow create a fairy-tale atmosphere.

The changing themes every year ensure a unique experience:

The winter months can be bitingly cold on the banks of the river, but the temperatures inside the igloo remain constant between minus 4 and minus 7 Centigrade. Thanks to natural reindeer-hide "mattresses" and sleeping-bags that keep you warm down to minus 30, you will have a comfortable night. We recommend to our guests to wear woollen underwear and a hat during the night.

You do not take your luggage into your room when spending the night at the icehotel. The service building contains a luggage room where your bags are stored safely during your stay. The rooms contain only your beds, while other facilities like toilets, changing rooms, showers and sauna are in the warm service building to ensure your comfort.

The sauna is heated every morning at 07 o'clock. In the evening we serve dinner in one of our two restaurants (Laksestua or Gabo) at 20.30. After the check in you will get a guided tour of the hotel and you will receive further practical information regarding your stay.