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Iceland Complete Summer Tour
9 Days / 13 locations in Iceland
From $2805 Per Person Double Occupancy
Tour Map

With so much to discover and explore in Iceland, this comprehensive tour brings the natural wonders, the majestic landscapes and the unique character of Iceland together. This is a classic circle providing a mix of culture and nature.

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Magic Scandinavia With the Norwegian Fjord
11 Days / 5 locations in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark
From $3100 Per Person Double Occupancy

This tour is for passengers who wish to get to know Scandinavia in a fairly short time and at a very competitive rate. The itinerary includes all three Scandinavian Capitals, but also the scenic Fjord area of Norway. Throughout the tour you will travel by first class coach and with one of our professional Tour escorts who will ensure you get full enjoyment out of your holiday.

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Volcanoes and Glaciers - Summer Tour
6 Days / 9 locations in Iceland
From $1645 Per Person Double Occupancy

Iceland is one of the most geologically young and volcanically active areas in the world.

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Gota Canal 4 Day Cruise, Gothenburg to Stockholm
4 Days / 3 locations in Sweden
From $1755 Per Person Double Occupancy
Gota Canal

The traditional cruise in either direction between Gothenburg and Stockholm has been on the schedule almost every year since the shipping line was established in 1869. On the shorter cruises, the boat usually travels on during the night while you are asleep; only one night is spent in harbour. The longer cruises allow time for more stops and shore excursions along the way. The choice of stops is determined by the direction in which you are traveling.

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Ring Road Highlights
8 Days / 20 locations in Iceland
From $2145 Per Person Double Occupancy

Drive through the most magnificent natural sights that Iceland has to offer.You will drive across picturesque villages, past waterfalls, hot springs, geysers, and ancient Icelandic sights. Explore lava formations, fjords, and icebergs during this unforgettable one week adventure vacation.

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Four Capitals Tour
9 Days / 4 locations in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark
From $3120 Per Person Double Occupancy

Overnight Ferry, Helsinki to StockholmAlthough these are group tours, we always pay attention to the individual requirements of each client - transfers from the airport to the hotel and vice versa to coincide with individual flight times, luggage handling, assistance at airports, special menus, to mention just a few. Dinner on the day of arrival is always included, as is buffet breakfast on every day of the tour. Additional dinners are provided as per itinerary, Lunch is also included on days spent traveling by coach.

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Imperial St. Petersburg, Russia
4 Days / 1 location in Russia
From $1615 Per Person Double Occupancy
St Petersburg

Majestic palaces, extravagant mansions and richly decorated cathedrals, create a regal ambience all around St. Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities on the globe. This tour will introduce the main sights of the city in three days.

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Russian Waterways Cruise - St. Petersburg to Moscow
11 Days / 7 locations in Russia
From $2499 Per Person Double Occupancy
Kremlin Moscow

MS Sergei YeseninOur popular Volga River offers more than just the two exciting metropoles St Petersburg and Moscow! Traveling onboard the MS Sergei Yesenin, explore riverside villages along the Volga, taste delicious local food and sample the national drink, vodka, meet local folk, learn off the country’s rich history, see fascinating local architecture such as the Church of Transfiguration in Kizhi, and above all, experience the hospitability and friendliness of our superb team of cruise directors, complemented by a young and enthusiastic crew that will ensure you have a trip of a lifetime!

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