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A selection of vacations which include train travel.

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Imperial St. Petersburg, Russia
4 Days / 1 location in Russia
From $955 Per Person Double Occupancy
St Petersburg

Majestic palaces, extravagant mansions and richly decorated cathedrals, create a regal ambience all around St. Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities on the globe. This tour will introduce the main sights of the city in three days.

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Taste of Balestrand
4 Days / 6 locations in Norway
From $840 Per Person Double Occupancy

Oslo to Balestrand via Flam train and fjord cruise to world famous Kvikne Hotel, then on to Bergen by fjord cruiser.

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Norway in a Nutshell
1 Day / 4 locations in Norway
From $344 Per Person Double Occupancy

Oslo to Bergen, Bergen to Oslo, Oslo to Oslo, or Bergen to Bergen by train bus and boat with stops in Flam, Gudvangen and Voss.

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Fascinating Cities and Lakes by Train
8 Days / 4 locations in Finland
From $1217 Per Person Double Occupancy

Tour Southern Finland's major cities by train and stay at hotels nestled in a beautiful natural setting near water, providing a taste of the enchanting Finnish landscape at its most typical. The highlight of the tour is a scenic cruise on a blue lake.

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Inlandsbanan and Norwegian Coastal Voyage Tour
9 Days / 11 locations in Sweden and Norway
From $2520 Per Person Double Occupancy

Hurtigruten This is a trip that combines the historic and very unique travel routes of two countries. This package lets you discover inland Sweden, the mountain landscape and the Norwegian coastline all in one go. On your journey north you will travel through a dramatic landscape recognized as a world heritage, while at the same time getting a small taste of both culinary and handicraft traditions as well as Sami culture. Once you turn southwards, the venerable Hurtigruten takes you on one of the most beautiful sea voyages in the world

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Discover the Inlandsbanan Rail Tour
8 Days / 6 locations in Sweden
From $1049 Per Person Double Occupancy
Inlandsbanan Train

Take the train through the inland of Sweden from Dalarna in the south, to Lapland in the north. Experience the nature with waterfalls, big forests and see elks and the reindeers outside the train window. Enjoy the light summer night, meet other people on their way north. Just before Jokkmokk we are crossing the Arctic Circle. The package includes journey on the Inlandsbanan and overnight stays at predetermined places and a number of eventful happenings. Accommodation in middle class hotel.

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Five Capitals Tour by Train and Ferries!
10 Days / 5 locations in Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Finland, and Denmark
From $2295 Per Person Double Occupancy

M/S Crown of ScandinaviaIf you want to travel independently and not being tied to a group, here is you chance! We pre-arrange everything and you travel independently by public transportation!

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Taste of Fjord Luxury
8 Days / 11 locations in Norway
From $2735 Per Person Double Occupancy

Travel independently and stay at luxury hotels. Beautiful fjords, glittering turquoise lakes, cascading waterfalls, wild glaciers and steep mountains.

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