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These tours have scheduled departures and may be partially escorted.

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Imperial St. Petersburg, Russia
3 Days / 1 location in Russia
From $655 Per Person Double Occupancy
St Petersburg

Majestic palaces, extravagant mansions and richly decorated cathedrals, create a regal ambience all around St. Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities on the globe. This tour will introduce the main sights of the city in three days.

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Visa Free Cruise to St. Petersburg, 6 Days
6 Days / 2 locations in Russia and Finland
From $785 Per Person Double Occupancy
Ms Princess Maria

M/S Princess AnastasiaPassengers of all nationalities can enjoy St. Petersburg for 72 hours without a Russian visa traveling overnight by a comfortable ferry. See the city & impressive highlights

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Northern Lights Special - Iceland
5 Days / 3 locations in Iceland
From $1130 Per Person Double Occupancy
Northern Lights

Just below the Arctic Circle, discover the beauty and unique attractions of Lake Myvatn in winter. Immerse yourself in the nature while the Aurora Borealis dances in the clear winter skies.

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Land of the Northern Lights
5 Days / 5 locations in Iceland
From $1090 Per Person Double Occupancy
Land of Northern

Winter is a magical time of the year and everything is in a different kind of bloom. The air is crisp, the trees are naked and the green grass and soil forcibly frozen together. The red berries that fall on the ground at the end of summer are glued to the frozen ground covered in a thin layer of snow and the little that is left of the patches of green grass is mother nature’s own Christmas decoration. Magic is in the air.

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Iceland in a Nutshell Tour - 5 Days
5 Days / 6 locations in Iceland
From $675 Per Person Double Occupancy

We offer a number of escorted tours in Iceland as well as independent suggestions for self-drive and stop-over packages. Also, for a truly unforgettable vacation you may add Greenland to your Iceland visit. After all, Greenland's East Coast is only 2 hours away by air from Reykjavik.

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Aurora Adventure Tour
5 Days / 2 locations in Iceland
From $930 Per Person Double Occupancy

Admire the Northern Lights in the realm of Vatnajokull, Europe's largest glaciers.

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Classic Baltic Countries
8 Days / 6 locations in Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania
From $1140 Per Person Double Occupancy

Visit the three independent Baltic Republics of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia on this motor coach tour. Very independent tour with lots of free afternoons and evenings.

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Hidden Powers and Northern Lights
6 Days / 9 locations in Iceland
From $890 Per Person Double Occupancy

Icebergs, hot springs and volcanoes dominate Iceland´s beautiful, yet rugged landscape. On a guided coach tour, experience the hidden powers of the island including views of the notorious Eyjafjallajökull volcano and the breathtaking Glacial lagoon. With several nights spent in stunning rural locations, you’ll be perfectly situated to hunt the magical Northern Lights.

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89 Found | 1 2 3 4 5 .. 12 | »