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The tours listed here visit at least two countries in Scandinavia. Some take you throughout Scandinavia and others continue through the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and all the way to St. Petersburg, Russia.

Scandinavia includes the countries of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Other areas such as Iceland, Svalbard, Aland and the Faroe Islands are sometimes included in this group. The north of Europe is beautiful in both the summer and winter, although the types of activities enjoyed during these seasons may be quite different. In the summer, there is daylight for most of the day. In the winter, the sun rises only briefly. The people of this region are easy going and friendly. The cities are cosmopolitain and full of culture. The countryside, seaside and fjords are stunning.

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Magic Scandinavia With the Norwegian Fjord
11 Days / 6 locations in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark
From $2984 Per Person Double Occupancy

This tour is for passengers who wish to get to know Scandinavia in a fairly short time and at a very competitive rate. The itinerary includes all three Scandinavian Capitals, but also the scenic Fjord area of Norway. Throughout the tour you will travel by first class coach and with one of our professional Tour escorts who will ensure you get full enjoyment out of your holiday.

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Three Capitals & the Fjords Deluxe Tour
13 Days / 13 locations in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark
From $4900 Per Person Double Occupancy

It all begins in the fairytale capital, Copenhagen, then experience the Viking capital, Oslo, before ending in the enchanting and elegant capital of Sweden, Stockholm. Along the way you will be witness to the spectacular mountains and magnificent fjords of Norway, and the fascinating capitals with their cobble-stoned streets, palaces and canals.

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Copenhagen & Bergen Deluxe Tour
6 Days / 6 locations in Norway and Denmark
From $1873 Per Person Double Occupancy

A combination of the Hanseatic ports of Copenhagen and Bergen. You will experience the medieval cities, both with enchanting old ports and small town atmosphere. You will be amazed at "Wonderful Copenhagen" and its many highlights from the exceptional architecture to its famous pedestrian mall Stroget. You will witness the magnificent Norwegian countryside on your way to Bergen, the gateway to the Fjords, where you can absorb the history at the old wharf, Bryggen.

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Scenic Norway & Stockholm Tour
10 Days / 15 locations in Sweden and Norway
From $3140 Per Person Double Occupancy

Scenic Norway Tour - 8 days, Oslo to Oslo

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Scandinavian Panorama, Stockholm & Baltic Cruise
15 Days / 16 locations in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark
From $4799 Per Person Double Occupancy

Overnight Ferry, Helsinki to StockholmScandinavian Panorama & Stockholm Tour

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Around Funen Bike Tour
8 Days / 6 locations in Denmark
From $1585 Per Person Double Occupancy

Funen, the archipelago and the South Funen Sea is one of the small wonders of Denmark. This bike trip takes you across most of Funen to the island Aeroe, to Odense - to the city of the Danish poet Hans Christian Andersen and to many interesting places in this area.

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Heart of Scandinavia With the Norwegian Fjords
14 Days / 11 locations in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark
From $4797 Per Person Double Occupancy

We are pleased to offer you the ultimate tour of Scandinavia - a quality first class tour at a leisurely pace during which you will experience Scandinavia whilst staying at very good first class hotels right in the heart of each city. You will have time to explore the 3 capitals and you will travel through some of the most beautiful parts of Fjord Norway and Southern Scandinavia. The scenic highlights include the longest fjord in Norway - The Sognefjord, the Geirangerfjord and the Briksdal Glacier. In the area of the Fjords your accommodation will be at hotels belonging to "The Prominent Hotels of the Fjords of Norway". You will be travelling on the famous Flam Railway and cruising the fjords by ferries and boat. Bergen, the Capital of the fjords, will surprise and enchant you. In Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo, there is ample time to enjoy the amenities on offer and to get to know these capital cities, each with a distinctly different atmosphere. Throughout you will travel by first class coach and one of our professional Tour Managers will ensure you get full enjoyment of the fortnight.

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In Search of the Northern Lights Tour
6 Days / 1 location in Norway
From $800 Per Person Double Occupancy

Tromso is right in the middle of the planet’s Northern lights belt, and any flare of solar storms on the surface of the sun will be spotted here! Evening activities help you to be outside when the Aurora Borealis light up the night sky! Day time excursions are good for enjoying the breathtaking landscapes!

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