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The Norwegian Coastal Voyage, a cruise with 34 ports of call, follows a stretch of Norway's coast characterized by vast distances, a sparse population and dramatic scenery.

The Norwegian Coastal Voyage has an air of history. It has always been a part of coastal life, has always arrived at the ports and has always been there to rely on for more than 100 years. The ships take children to their christenings, newly-weds on their honeymoons and carry milk and vegetables to remote island communities. Works by recognized artists have helped the new ships gain renown as floating galleries. The Norwegian Coastal Voyage is a unique combination of first-class passenger ship and working ship. The fleet comprises 11 ships, many of which were built since 1993. It is the perfect alternative to the traditional cruise for the independent, seasoned traveler. Enjoy a panoramic view of ever-changing, breathtaking scenery from the comfort of a deck chair or a chair in the lounge.

There is always something happening... without much really happening at all. The ships travel at 16 knots, which means that you always have time to enjoy the journey, to make new friends and to relax and take in the wonders of this wonderful journey.

"The World's Most Beautiful Voyage" is not just a phrase someone invented. They were just stating a fact.

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Hurtigruten - Norwegian Coastal Voyage
12 Days / 15 locations in Norway
From $1280 Per Person Double Occupancy
Lofoten Hurtigruten - Norwegia

HurtigrutenThe Hurtigruten cruise is the essential program that we offer and is sold as a stand-alone journey or incorporated into packages, which can be combined with Fjord and Scandinavia Enhancement programs.

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Taste of the Coast, Geiranger & Trondheim
6 Days / 5 locations in Norway
From $1535 Per Person Double Occupancy

HurtigrutenCruise Norway's coast and the spectacular Geiranger Fjord, followed by a scenic rail journey from Trondheim to Oslo.

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Taste of Trondheim & the Coast
6 Days / 3 locations in Norway
From $1463 Per Person Double Occupancy
Coastal Steamer


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Taste of Norway`S Coast
8 Days / 4 locations in Norway
From $2170 Per Person Double Occupancy

HurtigrutenA nice combination of scenic train rides, fjord cruising and visit to Trondheim Old Historical city.

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Inlandsbanan and Norwegian Coastal Voyage Tour
9 Days / 11 locations in Norway and Sweden
From $2327 Per Person Double Occupancy

Hurtigruten This is a trip that combines the historic and very unique travel routes of two countries. This package lets you discover inland Sweden, the mountain landscape and the Norwegian coastline all in one go. On your journey north you will travel through a dramatic landscape recognized as a world heritage, while at the same time getting a small taste of both culinary and handicraft traditions as well as Sami culture. Once you turn southwards, the venerable Hurtigruten takes you on one of the most beautiful sea voyages in the world

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North Cape and the Midnight Sun
8 Days / 8 locations in Norway
From $2197 Per Person Double Occupancy

Scandinavian landscape, packed with cultural heritage. Discover the rocky archipelago

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Taste of Winter Magic in Norway
8 Days / 9 locations in Norway
From $2255 Per Person Double Occupancy

HurtigrutenExperience the magic of winter in beautiful Norway !

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