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Hurtigruten - Norwegian Coastal Voyage

The Norwegian Coastal Voyage

12 Days / 15 locations in Norway

Complete roundtrip - Bergen to Bergen - 12 days

Northbound - Bergen to Kirkenes - 7 days

Southbound - Kirkenes to Bergen - 6 days

The Hurtigruten cruise is the essential program that we offer and is sold as a stand-alone journey or incorporated into packages, which can be combined with Fjord and Scandinavia Enhancement programs.

The complete 12-day round trip journey takes you northbound from Bergen in the south to Kirkenes in the north, close to the Russian border, stopping at 34 picturesque ports along the way. In Kirkenes the ship turns around and sails back down south along the coast to Bergen, making calls at the same 34 ports. The ports visited during the day on the northbound journey are visited during the night on the southbound voyage, and vice versa. For passengers who would like an in-depth Norwegian experience, the complete 12-day roundtrip is an ideal choice.

Passengers with less time may choose to experience a one-way voyage; the 7-day northbound journey embarking in Bergen and disembarking in Kirkenes, or the 6-day southbound voyage embarking in Kirkenes and disembarking in Bergen.

Regardless of the length of the voyage you choose, you are guaranteed days filled with majestic scenery from deep spectacular fjords to high snow-capped mountains, and a varied flora and fauna. Make sure to pack your camera, extra film, and your binoculars for this "The World's Most Beautiful Voyage".

Although we call the Hurtigruten cruise "The World's Most Beautiful Voyage". it is important to appreciate that there are many beautiful, dramatic, and interesting sights to enjoy on the shore excursions we arrange. Highly qualified guides, modern coaches, and ferry trips help to make the excursions both interesting and comfortable. Take a look at the program of excursions and decide now which ones you wish to join. Our excursions are in great demand so it may be worth booking your excursions at the same time as your trip on the Hurtigruten cruise.

Norway’s four seasons are “as real as it gets.” Spring and the Arctic Awakening – The sun works overtime to thaw the land, rising higher and higher. The return of the Arctic summer is like an infusion of vitamins kick starting the birds, plants and animals. Summer and the Midnight Sun; The land truly lives up to its name. The intense extended daylight above the Arctic Circle lasts around the clock, making every Norwegian “night” a joy to behold. Fall and the Autumn Gold; Fall is a tranquil time on board Hurtigruten; you get the time to enjoy the bright colors, the fresh air and the beautiful scenery we pass. The birds migrate after a productive summer, and the Arctic light shortens. The Northern Lights will appear and provide a magical light show. Winter and Hunting the Light; The Aurora Borealis is a major element of the winter journey with us. The sun is low on the horizon and north of the Arctic Circle it is below the horizon for some weeks. “Hunting The Light” originates from one of our captains. He had observed guests out on deck chasing the most magical of all natural phenomena, the Northern Lights.

Experience a journey not a cruise by getting closer to the real beauty of waterfalls cascading down snow- capped fjords, lighthouses that were used to light the way for the sea-faring captains and participate in excursions that will leave you breathless.

Hurtigruten: impossible to replace – impossible to copy. This is not a cruise, it’s a journey!


Day 1     Bergen
On Board the Hurtigruten
Meals: Dinner

Bergen is the charming and busy capital of West Norway. If you arrive a few hours before departure, we recommend a stroll around the Bryggen wharf area and the fish market. In days gone by, it was easier to travel from Bergen to the UK and the Continent by sea than it was to get to Oslo, and you can see this clearly in the city's architecture and culture. Your trip aboard the Norwegian Coastal Voyage will begin in the evening from Bergen

Day 2     Alesund - Geiranger - Molde - Kristiansund
On Board the Hurtigruten
Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

When you awake, the ship will be crossing the open Stadthavet and heading for Torvik. En route, you will stop in the beautiful Art Nouveau town of Alesund (and in the summer, your ship will sail into the Geirangerfjord). After a stop at the Jazz Festival town of Molde, with a magnificent view of the Romsdal Alps, you will cross Hustadvika before docking at Kristiansund.

Between April 15 and September 14, on day 2 all ships call at Geiranger in the Geirangerfjord, now on UNESCO's World Heritage List, giving you an opportunity to see the beautiful Brudesloret, Friaren, and the Seven Sisters waterfalls.

Optional Excursions:

Geiranger - Alesund

April 15 - May 30, National Geographic has deemed the Norwegian fjords the world's most untouched holiday destination. It's easy to see why when you're in the village of Geiranger. You'll enjoy a dizzying view of long silvery waterfalls cascading into the deep emerald waters of the fjord. From there you'll take a heart-in-the-mouth ride down switchback roads to gentler terrain. A ferry from Eidsdal will take you to the surprisingly urbane town of Alesund. From there travel up to the top of Aksla Mountain for a panoramic view of Alesund, the surrounding archipelago, and the magnificent Sunnmore Alps.

Geiranger - Molde

May 31 - September 14, Travel up the Eagle's Way, passing through the valley of Valldal. St. Olav also trekked through this long, beautiful valley, so you are in good company. You'll then drive down the hairpin bends of the Trollstigen road to the lush valley of Romsdal, which lies in gentle contrast to the surrounding grey peaks. Conclude with a short sightseeing tour of Molde.

Walking Tour of Alesund

January 1 - April 14; September 15 - December 31, 2 hours, After the fire of 1904, Alesund was rebuilt in the Art Nouveau style. This guided walking tour provides a good insight into the city's history and cultural life.

Day 3     Trondheim
On Board the Hurtigruten
Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

You will arrive in Trondheim early this morning, where you will have time to explore a town that is the jewel in the regions crown. Explore the charming streets, sit by the peaceful harbor, or cross the old city bridge to see the restored wooden buildings in Bakklandet, and the Nidaros Cathedral. From Trondheim, the ship will sail past many islands and skerries before arriving in Rorvik, where the southbound and northbound coastal ships meet.

Optional Excursions:

Trondheim City Sightseeing

January 1 - April 14; October 1 - December 31, 2 hours, Founded by a Viking king in 997, Trondheim was for many centuries Norway's capital. New kings still come to Nidaros Cathedral for a blessing ceremony. Its many elegant wood buildings imbue the city with a rare intimacy and charm. Visit the Royal Residence, one of the largest wooden buildings in all of Scandinavia, and the brilliant white Kristiansten Fortress, which towers over the town. You might also want to walk along the wharves by the River Nid, some of which date back to the 18th century. Note: Can be purchased on board only.

April 15 - September 30, 2.1/2 hrs. Visit the Nidaros Cathedral, Norway's national shrine, and the Ringve Museum, a series of well-preserved timber buildings, which house a unique collection of historical musical instruments.

Day 4     Bodo - Lofoten - Svolvaer
On Board the Hurtigruten
Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Today you cross the Arctic Circle, and pass the mighty Borvass Mountains. Now in the land of the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights, the ship sails into Bodo before heading out to sea, crossing Vestfjord in the direction of the Lofoten Islands before calling at the villages of Stamsund and Svolvaer. In the evening, the ship will continue north through the beautiful, narrow Raftsund Strait, passing the majestic Trollfjord.

Optional excursions:

Svartisen Glacier

April 1 - September 30, 6.5 hrs. On this excursion you'll visit Svartisen, Norway's second largest glacier. Just south of Ornes, you'll go on board a small boat to take you through narrow straits to the Glacier Visitor Center, where you'll learn how the melted glacier water is collected and used for hydropower. As you travel towards Bodo, you'll pass gorgeous pastoral landscapes and stunning views of the ocean and fjords.

Sea Safari to Saltstraumen

March 29 - October 28, 2 hours, Travel by inflatable boat out to this wild, majestic seascape for a chance to glimpse some white tailed eagles hovering in the sky as they hunt their prey. These sea eagles are Europe's largest predatory bird with wingspans of over six feet. This fully guided tour should not be confused with extreme sea rafting. The objective is to bring passengers as close as possible to the eagles and the sea. You will be provided with the necessary clothing.

Day 5     Harstad - Tromso - Hammerfest
On Board the Hurtigruten
Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

The ship sails north past a magnificent archipelago, past the ancient Trondenes church, and calls at Harstad for breakfast. It then passes through Vagsfjord and Malangen before starting its approach to Tromso, known as the "Paris of the North". You will have shopping time in the capital of Arctic Norway before you leave to cross Lopphavet. This evening you will sail to Hammerfest.

Optional Excursions:

Tromso City Sightseeing, including Polaria

All year, 2.1/2 hrs. Called the "Paris of the North," Tromso is stunningly situated on an island set amidst mountains and fjords. Learn about arctic flora and fauna at Polaria, a museum and aquarium built to resemble huge blocks of ice thrown ashore by the mighty ocean. Next, visit one of the city's icons, the Arctic Cathedral, which rises some 120 feet into the air like a mountain of ice. Its facade is a huge stained-glass window with a grid work of clear glass strips though which daylight filters to mystical effect. It's an experience not to be missed.

Tromso Dogsledding Safari

January 1 - April 26; October 28 - December 31, 3 hours,.After a short drive to Kvaloya Island near Tromso, you'll change into warmer clothes and meet your sled dogs. They're eager to carry you over a bleak, beautiful landscape of sea and open plains. In winter, you'll be equipped with head lamps, which create a magical atmosphere as the dogs run almost silently through the snow. At the end of the trip, you'll visit a cozy traditional Sami tent, where you will enjoy refreshments around the open fire.

Tromso Wilderness Center

May 28 - August 27, 3 hours, $60 per person: The Tromso Wilderness Center offers views of the sea, mountains, and plains. Here you may join a guided nature hike, and then relax with coffee and cake.

Day 6     Honningsvaag
On Board the Hurtigruten
Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

In the Finnmark region, nature has created an austere landscape. You will see both fishing villages from days gone by and fishing ports bustling with activity. The ship will head for Havoysund and Honningsvag before turning east across Austhavet toward the famous fishing villages of Kjollefjord, Mehamn, and Berlevag. On the morning of the seventh day you will arrive at Kirkenes, the journey's northern terminus and turning point

Optional excursions:

The North Cape

All year, 3.1/2 hours. Travel by bus from Honningsvag, the northernmost community in Finnmark, towards the 71st parallel and North Cape. In summer, you may glimpse reindeer grazing by the roadside, or perhaps you'll catch sight of a red fox. The region's flora and fauna are rare and exceptional. Look out for the Chamorchis alpina, a dwarf orchid, and the brilliant yellow globe flower. Maybe you'll be in season to sample the delicious cloudberries. By the sea, the cliffs and skerries abound with puffins, gannets, and cormorants. Your trip ends at North Cape, a fabled cliff formation rising a sheer 920 feet out of the icy ocean. This is Europe's most northerly point.

Bird-watching Safari

April 26 - August 26, 3.5 hours. Set out by motorcoach from Honningsvag for the fishing hamlet of Gjesvaer. Continue by boat to the nature reserve with its teeming bird life. Conditions permitting, you will see the red-beaked puffin, razor-billed auk, and flocks of kittiwake. And perhaps you will spot a mighty sea eagle.

Day 7     Kirkenes
On Board the Hurtigruten
Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

After a few hours docked at Kirkenes, the ship will depart upon the second half of its voyage. On the southbound journey, the ship will stop during the day at ports passed at night on the trip northward. Crossing Varangerfjord, you will arrive in Vardo, the easternmost point in Norway. Leaving Vardo, the ship will round the Varanger Peninsula before arriving in Batsfjord and Berlevag in the evening. The journey will then continue along the coast of the Finnmark region.

Optional excursions:

Russian Border Trip

All year, 1.1/2 hour: At Kirkenes, the only Norwegian town where East meets West, the ship turns around and starts its southward journey. If you like, you may travel to Storskog, the Norwegian border station on the Russian frontier. On the way back, you'll stop at Prestfjellet Mountain to look out over Kirkenes and the fjord.

Riverboat Safari to the Russian Border

May 26 - September 4, 2.1/5 hours As you journey a few miles up the Pasvik River in a local river boat, your guide will tell you stories about the eastern Sami people, the saintly princes Boris and Gleb, and the holy monk Trifon of Pechenga. You'll also pass the Trifon Cave and Kjerringstupet Cliff.

Kirkenes Barents Safari

January 1 - April 29; December 9 - December 31, 2.1/2 hours. What do you do when the plains are buried in snow? Ride snowmobiles! Or maybe try chair-sledding. You'll be dressed in good, warm clothes and plied with piping hot coffee, dried reindeer meat and Russian sweets in the warmth of a lavvo.

Day 8     Honningsvaag - Hammerfest - Tromso
On Board the Hurtigruten
Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

You arrive at Honningsvag in the early morning. After calling at Havoysund, the ship will stop for 1 1/2 hour in Hammerfest. It will then head south across Soroysund to Oksfjord. You will again cross Lopphavet, arriving at Skjervoy in the evening. You will dock in Tromso just in time to enjoy the nightlife of this splendid city.

Optional excursions:

Honningsvag - The North Cape - Hammerfest

May 1 - September 30, 6 hours. There is something very special about experiencing the North Cape early in the morning. After enjoying breakfast and spending some time on the plateau, board the motorcoach to head southwards along the mighty Porsangerfjord. This part of Finnmark is characterized by fishing and agriculture. In the summer, reindeer graze the plains. Rejoin the ship in Hammerfest, the world's northernmost town.

Midnight Sun Concert

May 8 - August 7, 1 hour. In Tromso, enjoy a nighttime concert at the Arctic Cathedral. If you're lucky, as the church resounds with Norwegian folk melodies, psalms, and classical song, the midnight sun will come streaming in. A truly memorable experience.

Mikkelgammen, Hammerfest

June 12 - August 8, 1 hour, 20 minutes. Immerse yourself in Sami culture. Compare gamme, the turf huts Sami live in today, with goahti, the traditional versions. Listen to Sami folk stories and the singing known as joik, while you sample Sami delicacies. You'll also learn about duodji, Sami handicrafts, and will have the chance to purchase some souvenirs if you like.

Day 9     Lofoten - Svolvaer - Bodo
On Board the Hurtigruten
Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

The island groups of Lofoten and Vesteralen have some of the most stunning scenery on the journey. Before you reach the islands, you will see the captain carefully maneuver the ship through the shallow waters of the Risoyrenna Channel, where sand banks are visible through the green water on both sides of the channel. You'll pass through the narrow Raftsund Strait leading into the breathtaking Trollfjord before arriving in Svolvaer and Stamsund. In the evening, the ship heads east across Vestfjord toward Bodo.

Optional excursions:

Harstad - Sortland

All year, 4.1/2 hours, This excursion takes you on a journey from Viking times, through the Middle Ages, and up to our own age. First, you'll visit Trondenes Church, the northernmost medieval church, then on to the local historical center, where a millennium's worth of history is presented in original objects, smells, and sounds. Feast your eyes on the ever-changing landscape on the drive across Hinnoya from Harstad to Sortland. Hidden between the peaks of Vesteralen lie rich, fertile pockets of farmland. While idyllic in summer, they are just as pretty in snow.

Svolvaer - Henningsvaer - Stamsund

March 7 - August 31, 3 hours. Take a motorcoach journey from Svolvaer through the lovely Lofoten Islands. You will stop at an art gallery in Henningsvaer, perhaps the most charming fishing village in this archipelago, where you can see the works of Norwegian artists who have depicted what life at sea was like in the old days. You'll also have the chance to view a fascinating display of photographs of this island chain in all its atmospheric beauty. But don't content yourself with photos, look around and enjoy the stunning vistas that surround you. The trip continues through Lofoten's famous mountain landscapes. Enjoy the views!

Day 10     Rorvik
On Board the Hurtigruten
Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

After leaving Ornes, you will travel through colorful waters, sailing through narrow straits bordered by lush agricultural fields. Nearly every peak of the towering mountains here is associated with a local legend. Crossing the Arctic Circle once again, you will pass both Nesna and Sandnessjoen. On the approach to Bronnoysund, which you reach this afternoon, you will pass the mythical Seven Sisters Mountains. Make sure you are on deck when the ship leaves Bronnoysund and you will be impressed by the captain's steady hand! The last port of call for today will be Rorvik.

Day 11     Trondheim - Kristiansund - Molde - Alesund
On Board the Hurtigruten
Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Arrive in Trondheim early; you may visit Norway's largest medieval church, Nidaros Cathedral, and the restored Archbishop's Residence. The ship will then sail out through the beautiful Trondheimsfjord, past the islands of Grip and Hitra, land of deer. It will then pass Smola before arriving in Kristiansund. At days end, you will call at Molde before arriving in Alesund late in the evening in time for a stroll on shore.

Optional excursion:

All year, 2 hours. Tour this historic city, once a Viking settlement and the original capital of Norway. One of the tour's highlights is a visit to the twelfth-century Nidaros Cathedral, built over the grave of Saint Olav, Norway's patron saint, and home to the country's crown jewels.

Day 12     Bergen
Meals: Breakfast

During the night, the ship will call at Torvik, Maloy, and Floro. The World's Most Beautiful Voyage is drawing to a close. Yet still ahead lies mile after mile of spectacular west Norway scenery: holly trees on Svanoy, the mouth of Sognefjord, and the beautiful archipelago on the approach to Bergen.

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