Historical Hotels of Norway


Historic Hotels Of Norway

Valley Hotel

Well-run and long-established hotels built between 1380 and 1939, all of which have their own character and style. The architecture of each hotel ranges from pseudo Swiss and empire to Jugendstil. Interest for The Historical Hotels has increased beyond expectations.

Bårdshaug Herregård was built for consul-general Christian Thams at the turn of the previous century. Christian Thams was a looming figure within business and diplomatic spheres. Among his many guests were both kings and princes. Ask for an inspiring tour while you are here. Bårdshaug Herregård has an array of facilities that contribute to give our guests increased comfort. We can, amongst other things, name: - Nice park - Restaurant - Bar - Lounges/sitting areas - Ceremonial hall - Library - Meeting room - Conference department - Group rooms We have collected a collection of menus where the names of the different menus are inspired by Minister Chr. Thams and his amazing life and history: The Manors Banquet Menu >> King Oscar II Menu >> Squire's Favorite >> Strandheim Menu >> Diplomat's Menu >> Consulate's Menu >> Minister's Dinner >> Hitra Menu The manor house is an experience in itself, and to eat dinner in Minister Christian Thams' rooms and to experience the atmosphere of past splendor enriches this experience. Bon Appetite! We welcome you to visit us!

Dalen Hotel
Dalen, Norway

Spectacular Dalen! An enchanting fairytale hotel from 1894 that has been meticulously restored to its natural beauty. An ochre and brown building, with dragon heads, turrets and cornices. A palace with dragon style shapes. A splendid garden fronts the hotel to the east, towards the lake. The passenger ships "Victoria" and "Henrik Ibsen" ply the Telemark Canal from Skien to Dalen from May to September. The interior lives up to the richness promised by the exterior. A feeling of grandness, of pomp and ceremony is still present today. You meet the great two-story central hall with its large glass painting in the ceiling, and with doors to the three lounges facing the garden. The interior with carvings, ornaments, sculptures and sloping panels reminds us of those grand times our grandfathers and great-grandmothers experienced. When the hotel was restored in 1994, all 38 guest rooms were provided with private baths. But the hotel still gives you the experience of a grand hotel as it was during the �Belle �poque� of the tourist hotels, before World War I, here at Dalen Hotel.

Voss, Norway

anno 1889 Over the last 100 years, Fleischers Hotel has established a reputation as one of the most service-minded and traditionally run hotels in Norway. The hotel was built in 1889 in the pseudo-Swiss style with towers, spires, large dormers and balconies. Today, Fleischer's is a modern hotel in which the spirit, charm and style of the past have been preserved. At present, the fifth generation of Fleischers run the hotel.

Fossheim Hotel
Lom, Norway

Splendid log houses built according to age-old building traditions, together with art and antiques, is all part of the setting that will permit you to relax and feel comfortable at Fossheim. You can choose if you want to stay in a charming log house on the farm or if you would prefer to rent a room inside the main building. You can always relax in the sitting room that has an open fireplace, in the library or in the bar - always surrounded by antiques and an interior rich in tradition. You may detect an enticing aroma originating in the kitchen and luring you down into the dining hall. Here you can enjoy food from one of Norway's best kitchens. On summer days you can also enjoy a light meal out in Urtehagen (the garden of herbs). Fossheim has 46 rooms in all at the hotel, in addition to two huts and three apartments. We can house about 100 guests. All rooms feature a bathroom/shower and WC.

Fru Haugans Hotel
Mosjoen, Norway

For over 200 years, Fru Haugans Hotel has been aiming to deliver hospitality and service. You can literally feel the traditions and the history when you visit the oldest hotel of Northern Norway. Recently, the hotel has undergone considerable renovation and modernization. We have focused on keeping the antique style and the intimate atmosphere. Several of the rooms are outfitted with antique furniture. In addition, we can offer the comfort of a modern hotel. A stay at Fru Haugans Hotel is characterized by excellent personal service. Our intimate are well suited for personal conversations. Here, you can also seek rest, silence and time for personal reflection. In our gallery, you can see more photos from our hotel. You can go for a walk in the vigorous hotel garden, and down to the river Vefsna. Here, you are welcome to go fishing in one of Norways best sea trout rivers. Fishing equipment can be rented in the reception. Our hotel is well known for its superb cooking, with both traditional Norwegian food as well as European dishes. We are happy to customize the menu to your needs and wishes.

Geiranger Hotel
Grotli, Norway

The Grotlis welcome you to the mountains! - 900 m above sea level It is not always the most expensive places that give you the most for your money. Small details often make all the difference; warmth, atmosphere, leisurely meals with delicious food and drink, tranquility, home comforts and thoughtfulnes. At Grotli we give the same careful attention to every aspect of hotel operation, doing our very best to ensure your satisfaction, and then just that little bit extra. Grotli is ideally situated for excursions to many well-known tourist attractions, both to the east and to the west. The fifth generation of Grotli dwellers look forward to wishing you welcome to the highlands.

Gloppen Hotell
Sandane, Norway

Historical Gloppen Hotell is situated in Sandane, Nordfjord. The hotel has many traditions dating back to its esablishment in 1829, Our most important missions has always been the hospitality and well-being of our guests. There is a delightful mixture of old and new. The exterior of the hotel has been carefully taken care of, and the refurbishing has been done with a light touch. Salmon and trout fishing in the Gloppen river spurred the development of this hotel set in the heart of the Gloppenfjord. Fishermen have come from around the world to Gloppen to try their luck. Gloppen was named one of the best fishing spots in all of Norway in the English guidebook Salmon fishing in Norway, published in 1904, but the English salmon lords already knew that. They`d been going there for years. In England, salmon fishing was a luxury reserved for estate owners and the aristocracy, while in Norway, anyone could pay the local farmer a few kroner for the privilege of fishing in a good river. As early as 1872, the local farmers in Sandane that renting out fishing rights on the Gloppen river could add to their income. Soon sports fishermen flocked to the area, and of cours, they needed a place to stay while they were in Sandane. There had been a hotel in Sandane since 1846, on the same lot where Gloppen Hotell now stands. For the first 20 years, it was just a simple inn, but in 1866 Joakim E. Sivertsen was granted a license to run a country store at Sandane. The new inn quickly became popular, and in 1890, Sivertsen built the first part of what is now known as Gloppen Hotell. At that time, it was called Sivertsen´s Hotel, after the owner. It became a natural congregating place for the English salmon lords, but equally important were the streams of immigrants going to America in the late 19th and early 20th century. This was because Sivertsen´s Hotel also housed the Cunard Line ticket office. This meant that Sivertsen´s Hotel was often the last Norwegian residence of many immigrants before they set out across the Atlantic. Business increased, and by 1925, the hotel was too small. An addition was built in the same style as the old building. It now houses the sitting rooms and saloons. According to the standards of the day, Sivertsen´s Hotel was a modern hotel with running water and electricity. The Sivertsen family left the business in the 1980s, and the hotel was turned into a corporation. The next eight years saw many owners and as many bankruptcies. In 1988 the hotel was purchased by K. Strømmen´s salmon farms in Bremanger, and the name was changed into Gloppen Hotell. Dag Moen was hired as manager and millions of kroner were invested in the hotel to recreate the traditional ambience that had so appealde the salmon lords. Six years later, on December 1. 1994, Dag Moen and his wife Irene bought out his employers and took over the hotel. The new owners were fascinated by the hotel´s history, and since they took over, they have tried to go back in time. They have restored the interior and have fixed up the beautiful white wooden building to look just as good as it did in its heyday. The last big project, 10 new rooms on the third floor of the old building, was completed in May, 2000. All the rooms are different and have been decorated with wallpaper in historical patterns dating from between 1820 1890, antique furniture and lace curtains, as well as unique bathrooms with modern equipment. In 1996, the hotel took over the fishing rights in the Gloppen River, and even though times have changed, and most of the winter guests come for courses and conferences, salmon fishermen are still in the majority from June to September. They still want good oldfashioned service at this traditional salmon hotel deep in Nordfjord.

Grand Hotel Terminus
Bergen, Norway

Grand Hotel Terminus in Bergen was built in 1928. The same year, the hotel was awarded the A C Houen's prize for good architecture. A preservation order has been proposed for the hotel relating to the law on cultural heritage. This order concerns the facade, the ground floor, lounges in the cellar, and the stairway. The hotel has reopened its original cafe, where the style and atmosphere of the period is reflected.

Kong Carl Hotel
Sandefjord, Norway

Hotel Kong Carl is an adornment to the centre of the whaling and recreational town of Sandefjord. The building dates back to 1690, and by 1721 was already functioning as an inn. Today, most people associate Sandefjord with glorious summer days and holiday idylls, and they have continued to think of the town this way ever since the establishment of the famous health spa here in 1837. Whaling also formed part of the foundation for the hotels existence, and when whalers returned home after several months at sea, the Hotel Kong Carl was a central gathering place. When you are in Sandefjord, visit the Whaling Museum for an experience you will not forget soon. Today the Hotel Kong Carl is known for its homey and personal atmosphere and for its excellent cuisine. The hotel has been awarded the Norwegian Hotel and Restaurant Associations Hospitality Prize, and in 1997 it received the Conservation Prize from the Gamle Sandefjord Association.


Kongsvold Fjeldstue is a hotel based on tradition but with modern comfort. It is open from February to November. We and our staff, welcome you to courses, seminars, celebrations, and offer accommodation to weekend guests and others seeking good, old-fashioned hospitality in an interesting historical setting surrounded by magnificent nature and a very good kitchen.

Kronen Gaard Hotel
Sandnes, Norway

Kronen Gaard Hotel is a cosy and intimate full-service hotel. The main building was built in Swiss style in 1898 by timber merchant Gabriel Block Watne for use as a summer place. Kronen Gaard became known for its good food and busy social activity. Thus, it became a meeting place for family and friends, and this formed the basis for the informal and cosy atmosphere that still permeates the place.

Kvikne Hotel
Balestrand, Norway

About Kvikne's Hotel At Kvikne's the best traditions of innkeeping go right back to 1752. The Kvikne family, who still own the hotel today, took over in 1877 and a continuous process of development has been going on from that day to this. The hotel was built in the "Swiss" style. Much new building, reconstruction and extension has gone on since, but none of it has altered the special character of this place. Kvikne's is a modern hotel with old world charm and atmosphere and with 200 guest rooms is one of the largest tourist hotels in Norway. The hotel is graced with an extensive collection of artworks and antiques, which give it its special style. The list of prominent guests is a long one. Keiser Wilhelm II of Germany was a frequent guest in Balestrand. Royalty, emperors, presidents, prime ministers, film stars and artists from many countries can be found on the guest list.

Losby Gods Hotel
Oslo, Norway

Losby Gods is a large country estate, steeped in over 150 years of history, elegancy and tradition. A country lane winds majestetically into the deep forest. In the middle of magnificent nature, and the mystery of the woods,Losby Gods emerges. The manor reveals itself surrounded by a calm, and a harmony you have never experienced before. You have entered the heart of the conutryside, where rustic charm meets dark mystique of the forest. Strategically located on one of Norways best Golf courses, Losby Gods is a conference hotel in historical surroundings. The old manor house is originally from 1850, and was renovated, restored and reopened in 1999 adjacent to a modern hotel and a fully equipped conference centre. In the restaurant, the fire is burning silently in the fireplace, the chandeliers stand proudly on the tables. The smell of freshly baked bread. This is a new manor kitchen with vibes and traditions from the old days. An atmosphere fit for a manor of its kind. Our reputable restaurant consists of four dining lounges. Lounge 1 to 4. Each lounge has its own style, all in thread with Losbys old traditions. The lounges are used for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as for banquets.

Norge Hotel
Lillesand, Norway

Welcome to Lillesand and Hotel Norge. There has been a hotel in these beautiful buildings since 1873. Owners, clientele and style have all changed over the years, but since the last renovation in 1993-95, the hotel has resumed more of its original style. The conversion process was painstaking and difficult, but when the hotel was finished, we had achieved what we were looking for: a hotel we can be proud of. Our guests thrive in the historic surroundings, while still appreciating the modern comforts. We have put great emphasis on retaining a high degree of personal service and have a highly trained staff.

Park Pension Hotel
Bergen, Norway

Hotel Park Pension is a family-run hotel renowned for its uniqe style and atmosphere.


Dr Holms Hotel has been a source of recuperation, comfort and well-being since the beginning of the 20th century. Dr Holms is situated in the heart of the beautiful mountain scenery, and is a starting point for inspiring and exiting adventures. A visit to Dr. Holms Hotel should always be a pleasant experience. The hotel has its own Health Centre which includes Dr. Holms SPA, swimming pool, kids pool, sauna, steamer bath and exercise room. Dr. Holms SPA is the first of its kind in Scandinavia and fifth in Europe.


A short drive south of Oslo you will find a magnificent hotel facing the Oslofjord. This former country mansion has for more than 200 years upheld its proud traditions of genuine hospitality. Our excellent cuisine, well stocked wine cellar and exciting collection of Nordic contemporary art cater to all tastes. We believe you will enjoy this unique and elegant hotel with personal service at every level. Welcom to Hotell Refsnes Gods!


The Selbusjoen Hotel was established in 1988 by Toril and Arild Øien who today are hosts, and together with 30 other employees offer a wonderful choice for seminares, conferences, holidays and leisure! There are many activities available including a large park, tennis, mini golf for children, rowing boats, and barbeque area. You can take a cruise on Selbusjøen with the cruiseliner M/S Jøvra (capasity 50 persons) or enjoy an excursion to a very old farm. The hotel is located close to a 9-hole golf course.

Seljord Hotell
Telemark Canal, Norway

Right in the heart of Telemark lies Seljord, the realm of the fabled sea serpent of Seljord lake. Seljord Hotell has traditions going back to 1857, and has at various times in its history been a coaching station, a domestic science school, an inn and a hotel. Seljord Hotell is a small, comfortable, timber-built hotel in the pseudo-Swiss style, and welcomes guests with a warm, home-from-home atmosphere. It is an ideal base for individual tourists and groups, and also offers good food, banqueting and course/conference facilities.

Sola Strand Hotel
Stavanger, Norway

Sola Strand Hotel is a somewhat different hotel, one of the reasons being that we are a foundation with a special, historical past.Many of our guests have used the term "cultural jewel" to describe our hotel, and this is a description we are proud of and consider well founded. An important factor is that we formerly hosted the only hotel and catering school in the country. Because of this we are devoted to developing and maintaining high professional standards. Our style, atmosphere and culture is well known throughout the country and creates a mood that cannot be bought - it is simply there.

Solstrand Hotel
Os, Norway

For a hundred years Solstrand's exquisite location, beautiful surroundings and magnificent view of the Folgefonna glacier have fascinated travelers from both near and far. Christian Michelsen, the first prime minister of the newly-independent Norway after the dissolution of the union with Sweden in 1905, built Solstrand as a holiday resort for the Bergen merchant-princes, so that they could have a place to gather strength for their great deeds. The hotel has been in the Schau-Larsen family since 1929, and now offers an exciting mixture of tourism, recreation, social life and a management development program for Norwegian industry. Despite restoration and extension, Solstrand is still close to what must have been the original character of both the house and the cultural landscape at the turn of the century: a light, airy and picturesque house. The Solstrand Hotel is widely recognized as the best Spa hotel in all of Norway.

Strand Hotel
Fevik, Norway

Welcome to Strand Hotel - the hotel by the sea. The hotel is situated on the waterside in idyllic Fevik between Grimstad and Arendal. From the hotel there is an open view towards the beach and the sea. This is probably the closest one can get to a Mediterranean holiday in Norway. The hotel was planned and built by general manager Axel Lund. The foundation wall was built in 1934 and a few years later the hotel was finished. The hotel, costing NOK 350.000, had become a magnificent building according to standards at the time. The doors opened for the first time on the 17th of May 1937. Strand Hotel was used only as a summer hotel and had initially 40 rooms with totally 70 beds. All guestrooms had both hot and cold water. Three rooms had a shower, whilst 9 had a bathroom.. It is hardly a secret that delicacies are swimming around in the sea, but after our cook has done some culinary magic, you may discover that you have senses of taste you didn't know. The secret of good fish is that it should taste like good fish. Amongst the frequently used delicacies of the sea, we would like to mention sea scorpion, anglerfish, salmon, and redfish.

Union Hotel
Geiranger, Norway

The Union Hotel in Geiranger is something rare in our time as a 100% family-run hotel. The present host and hostess represent the third generation since the Mjelva family took over the hotel in 1897, at a time when several of the guests were European royalty. Even today they occasionally delight us with their presence. The hotel has a huge, magnificent garden with a pool. The indoor pool area includes saunas, turkish steam baths and solaria. Furthermore, you will find a rifle range and a room for table tennis.

Utne Hotel
Hardangerfjord, Norway

Imagine being able to take your holiday at a gentle tempo, relax in a unique environment far from the hustle and bustle of the city. There is such a place in the middle of the Hardanger Fjord district. The Utne Hotel is one of the oldest in Norway to have operated continuously as a hotel in the same building. Travellers have been enjoying food and shelter here since 1722, when Peder Larsson Børsem first acquired a licence to receive guests, and up to the present day. The hotel has a three-hundred year tradition of care and consideration for its guests. The tradition was personified by Mother Utne (Torbjørg Utne, 1812 1903). Since the hotel was built in 1722 it has been extended, upgraded and restored at different types, most recently in winter 2003/2004. The Utne Hotel has to be experienced. A stay here is akin to living in a history book. Building details, household items and decor have been carefully preserved.

Walaker Hotell
Sognefjord, Norway

Welcome to the Walaker Hotel, a nostalgic, charming hotel, built up by nine generations of the Nitter Walaker family. The hotel has 24 guestrooms in three buildings, and an art gallery that exhibits works by national artists. Our course and conference facilities are housed in the old "Fjøsen" (barn), - built around 1882. The Hotel lies in Solvorn on the Sognefjord, a short distance from many of Norway's most famous tourist attractions.