Klaipeda, Lithuania

Have you ever heard the story of the Old Town by the sea? Founded back in 1252, Klaipeda is the third-largest city in Lithuania. Ravaged in World War II when it was used by the Germans as a submarine base, the city is now undergoing a major business revitalisation. As a key port city in the European Union, it is a window to the world of international trade for Lithuania.

Klaipeda's Old Town has been on a continual path of restoration and is the gem of the city, featuring cobblestone streets and antique lampposts on nearly every building and corner. The city, once known as Memel, still has a German feel in places and the refrain "Sprechen Sie deutsch?" is the most common answer among locals to the queries of English speakers.

However, the main draw for tourists is the city's location - juxtaposed on the mouth of the Dane river and the Curonian Lagoon. When Lithuanians go to the sea, Klaipeda is the hub through which they get there. The same is true for those who come to Lithuania via seaworthy vessels.