Narsarsuaq, Greenland

Narsarsuaq is the gateway to South Greenland and thereby to a beauty that is breathtaking for even the most seasoned traveller. An overwhelming luxuriance is the first that leaps to the eye, and all clichés about freezing cold and polar bears vanish into thin air with the morning mist. Behind Narsarsuaq is the beautiful Valley of Flowers (Blomsterdalen), one of the most luxuriant places in Greenland. Continuing on from here, you will soon arrive at the edge of the inland ice cap which you can walk right up to.

From Narsarsuaq, the surrounding area is easily accessible and many incredible experiences await. Qassiarsuk, formerly Brattahlid, is only a 20 minute boat trip away. This is where Erik the Red settled in year 982, and from here his son Leif Eriksson set out to sea and landed on the shores of America in year 1000. Close by is the Tasiusaq sheep farm - a small, beautiful site with a view of the inland ice cap on the distant horizon. A boat trip to the Ice Fjord is always enjoyable, and if you want to go char fishing, good spots are found not far from the airport.

The towns of Narsaq and Qaqortoq are nearby, and it is possible to make day trips to these scenic towns with their colourful houses and soothing serenity. The Norse ruins at Hvalsey and in Igaliku are also popular excursion spots, as are the hot springs at Uunartoq which are definitely worth visiting.


Eric the Red's Viking Ruins

We cross Eric's Fiord by boat and go ashore at the sheep breeding settlement Qassiarsuk, situated on the very spot where Eric the Red in year 985 settled and named his farm "Brattahlid". We visit the ruins of Eric's Farm and some nearby Eskimo ruins.

Eric the Red's Viking Ruins and Tasiussaq

First part of this excursion is similar to the 3 hour Eric the Red's Viking Ruins. After the stay in Qassiarsuk we walk 8 km (transportation can be arranged at a surcharge) along the mountain-track to Tasiussaq - one of the most beautiful situated farms in South Greenland. We enjoy our lunch box and visit the sheep breeder family Frederiksen to learn about "farming at the end of the world". Includes lunch.

Hiking to the Ice Cap

This excursion demands that participants are able to walk at least 6 km in mountain terrain. We go by bus as far as the road leads and continue by foot through the "Flower Valley" where the colorful sub arctic flora can be experienced. Lunch at the top of a 300 m high mountain from where we have a fantastic view over the glacier and the Ice Cap. For participants in good physical shape it will be possible to walk down and touch the Ice Cap. Includes lunch.

By Helicopter to the Ice Cap

We cross the Johan Dahls Land by helicopter to Lake Nordbo (680 m a.s.). A ground stop makes it possible to leave the helicopter and enjoy the fantastic scenery: The beautiful Lake Nordbo surrounded by mountains and a huge glacier wall on one side. Rising up from the glacier is the Ice Cap. Alternative routing depending on the weather. Operation is dependent on weather and helicopter capacity. Minimun 15 participants.

Alluitsup Paa by Helicopter

By helicopter cruising in low altitude over the South Greenland inlet system to the cosy fishing village Alluitsup Paa. Guided walk through the colorful village, which in many ways is reminding about villages in the Disko Bay area. Lunch at a local restaurant. Includes lunch, soft drink, beer or wine.

Please note: This excursion is only to be booked at "seat-available-basis" maximum 24 hours prior to departure!


Guided drive through Narsarsuaq where the guide points out location of the different service facilities, explains about the daily life and the exciting history of the airport. Visit and entrance fee to the local museum also included.

The Village of Igaliku

By boat through the ice filled Eric's Fiord to Itilleq where we go ashore next to some of the biggest agricultural fields in South Greenland. We walk 6 km (transportation can be arranged at surcharge) to Igaliku - a beautiful village where the ruins of the Vikings' Cathedral and the Bishop's Farm are situated. After lunch in a small cafeteria we walk through the village back to Itilleq and by boat to Narsarsuaq. Includes lunch.

Qooroq Ice Fiord

The Greenland Ice Cap is "producing" 250 mill. tons of icebergs every summer and their last journey begin when they break off the glaciers. One of these glaciers is the Qooroq Glacier. We cruise between the icebergs towards the glacier and at location by the choice of the captain we stop the engine and let the boat silently drift in these amazing surroundings.