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Jack Donson

July 7, 2024 Norway arrangements

We very much enjoyed our visit to Norway and deeply appreciate your planning of the trip. I will give brief comments on the places we visited.
Bergen was both beautiful and interesting. The Bergen Bors Hotel had nice rooms, an excellent restaurant, and the perfect location. There are other excellent restaurants nearby. Our scheduled guide sent a replacement who was pleasant but seemed inexperienced. Our rental car from Avis (within walking distance for our crowd) fit our needs perfectly.
The Norway countryside we drove through was the most beautiful I have seen. The Hotel Alexandra, including its restaurant, was outstanding--as was the kayaking, sky lift, hiking and photography. The kayaking guides were terrific.
The drive to Dombas included many miles above the tree line at the top of the mountains--very interesting. We stopped at Fossbergom for lunch. It had a Stave church, an outstanding geological museum, and a zip line over a raging river for our teenagers.
The Dombas Hotel and restaurant was satisfactory--the best available in that area. The four youngsters did a 10 mile hike in the national park and saw two Muskox. Their review of the guide was not stellar--he did not impart much information on the area, its wildlife, and fauna.
We enjoyed the ride back to Bergen, including Lillehammer and the boutique hotel in Fagernes. The rooms are uniquely furnished. We had an outstanding steak dinner, drinks included.
So, thanks very much for putting together this family vacation. Jack

Rory Bjorndal

July 11, 2024 Norway customized

You have been on my list to email. We had an awesome trip and I have told everyone the planning prior and your app made it seamless for us!
We loved the variety of places we stayed, what we were able to see and really have no complaints.
Regarding a few of your questions:
Hotels in Oslo and Bergen were great locations and staff/food was great. Didn’t realize breakfast included was such a spread lol. Our son loved it!
The cruise was great….just enough time - and good to get to the arctic circle. Wouldn’t have wanted to do any longer (for us).
Excursions were varied and good. Loved Trindheim
Svolvaer and Lofoten - will admit was nervous at first on the “apartment” in the itinerary but it was great. Your was with an excellent guide and agree we would never have seen the area without one.
Airport Raddison was great location for ending trip…hotel was a little dated but clean and staff friendly.
Again great experience and appreciate you working through all the iterations.

Alaina Goldstone

June 26, 2024 Customized Norway
Hi Ulla-just want you to know these folks had the best trip, better and more wonderful than she ever anticipated. Loved all the tours, guides, drivers, Havila, everything was excellent so thank you so very much. Enjoy the summer!

Michael MacDonald

June 19, 2024 Geysers, Glaciers and Waterfalls self-drive
Our party of 6 to Iceland (#12643) had a wonderful time. They liked all the hotels and the van was a great fit. They did get evacuated from the Blue Lagoon on their arrival morning due to the volcano eruption, but other than that had a really good time.
Thank you!


Kristopher Leier

May 6, 2024 (Customized package SE,DK & NO

The trip was amazing! We really enjoyed it and it was so much fun! We would highly recommend this route/trip to people!
I think the only thing we would change is staying at a different hotel in Copenhagen. The Andersen hotel was OK, but it wasn’t nearly as nice/unique as the other hotels we stayed at.
We really enjoyed all the cities! Everything was so clean and the cities were really easy to navigate. I think Flam and Bergen were some of our favorite places! We would recommend two days in Bergen to explore.
Overall we didn’t have any bad experiences! Thank you for all your help and coordination! It was an amazing trip and exactly the getaway that we needed! We definitely want to go back to Northern Norway soon!
Thanks again!

Brett Marshall Reiss

9/8/23 Norway customized package
Dear Ulla,
I wanted to thank you for putting together a wonderful trip for both myself and Sue.
Ulla- a special thanks to you- your itinerary and spacing of the Fjord part of the trip was orchestrated with an artists perfection. The morning after breakfast just walking the grounds of the Kviknes Hotel in Balestrand was a medicinal/quasi-religious experience for me- just the right time to enjoy this before on to the spectacular cruise up the Noeroyfiord. Thank you, thank you!!
Enjoy the rest of the summer.
Regards, B. Reiss

Frank Stephen Hever

7/14/23 Norway & Sweden FIT
Happy Friday, Ulla!
Just finished a call with the Hever’s about their recent trip.
Ulla, they were so excited to share their experiences and to say how truly thankful they were for our efforts as everything went so perfectly for them!
They had a marvelous trip and wanted me to be sure I connected with you to extend their heartfelt thanks to you for a job well done!
They were especially appreciative for the “details” contained in your itinerary~which they followed to the letter!
I hope we’ll soon have the opportunity to work together again.
Many thanks,

David Felleti

May 23, 2023
My clients, The Felleti, have returned with glowing reports about their trip. FYI- they traveling to Scotland and England after they left Bergen.
Stephanie said all components of the trip, worked like a charm. She absolutely LOVED Balestrand and wished they would have had more time there. I think they arrived late afternoon and left the following late morning. I assume that schedule is based on trains/ferries?
SO- I’m just curious, is it simple just to ask for an additional night in BAlestrand?
Thank you!
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