Karasjok, Norway

We have Sami people. We have open plains and amazing natural sites. We have northern lights and midnight sun, cold weather and mosquitoes, and we have gold and green forests. Welcome to Karasjok!

Karasjok is located in the heart of Finnmark, and with its 5.464 km2 it is the second largest county in Norway. The central location, with only a one hour drive to the nearest airport (Northcape Airport Banak in Lakselv) and 18 km to the border of Finland, makes Karasjok a natural travel-destination and stop on your journey through Finnmark.

In Karasjok you will find Finnmarks oldest church, built in 1807. The Sami parliament was founded in 1989, and on 2 November 2000, the new parliament building, one of the most beautiful buildings in Norway, was officially opened by the King of Norway. Karasjok is the administrative capital of the Norwegian Sami people. 90% of the 2900 citizens are Samis. Here you will find many different Sami institutions as the Sami Parliament, NRK Sámi Radio, Sámiid Vuorká-Dávvirat - the national museum of Sami culture and history, the Sami Art-center and last, but not least - Sápmi, the Sami Theme park.