Kabelvag, Norway

Kabelvag is the oldest fishing village in Lofoten and it was here the commercial aspect of the Lofoten Fishery was first developed over 1,000 years ago. Fishermen from all over northern Norway sought out the coves and inlets around Kabelvag, in the Vagan district, to harvest their share of the cod that migrate here every year. Vagan developed into the centre of the medieval region of Halogaland. In the grounds of the Lofoten Museum in Storvagan, 1 km west of Kabelvag, you will find the remains of this old centre, formerly known as Vagar. Stockfish exports to the Mediterranean formed the basis for Vagar's growth and development. Stockfish became a trading commodity around the year 1000 A.D. To begin with, exports were most likely carried out directly from V�gan and North Norway to other countries. But gradually, the stockfish was bought up by merchants who came from the south to buy fish and sell corn and other essential goods. The stockfish was carried to Trondheim and Bergen, and finally only to Bergen, for export.