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Gregory White

Hello Ulla-The White family had a wonderful trip to Iceland and thank you for all you did to make it happen. They liked all of the accommodations and places they visited.
Hope to send you more business!
Best regards

Lynn Johnson

Austin, TX

One of the best vacations I have ever had. Anne Knudsen was a great tour guide and the group was very nice. I especially liked the time in Sweden and Norway. Have recommended it to friends that travel. And a big thank you for making it possible on a state employee's budget. The only thing I would change is to take SAS instead of United next time. I am hoping to maybe try your Iceland Northern Lights tour someday. I certainly would use your agency again.
Best regards

David Lehnus

I’m sorry I didn’t reply to you earlier. They had a fabulous time in Norway and have sent me tons of pictures. The only negative was the Flam railway to them—couldn’t get good pictures.
But that’s all the negative.

Thanks again for all your help,
Glyndon Travel

Layton Han

9/22/15 (Norway)
We had a really nice time. The amount of time we spent in each area was perfect, the hotels were very nice. We especially enjoyed Bergen as it was just a real livable city. Our itinerary gave us enough time in each area to either do a little biking, touring and we even headed to Voss for some rafting. Although this trek was similar to Norway in a nutshell it was on a little less traveled route which we appreciate - we never felt the crowds were overwhelming.
I appreciate you taking us on in such a short time frame.

Susan Thurin

Menomonie, WI

I really had a wonderful tour and have had a lot of opportunities to talk about its highlights. The unexpected was that I was the only native English speaker in the group, most were Spanish, but most Europeans speak some English so that was ok. There were 2 German women my age who have lived in Barcelona for 50 years and their English is quite good and we enjoyed one another a lot. I liked the European immersion, something I haven't had for a number of years. The hotels were all excellent, well the Vilnius one was maybe B+ compared to the rest. I loved the hot, sunny weather, but the last couple days it cooled off a bit. Our guide, whose name I can't think of right now, was terrific, a young woman in her 30s, very articulate, smart, knowledgeable, great sense of humor; I think she is Latvian. In the Baltic states our tour group got split, the Spanish in one and I and the German women grouped with an English-German group which was ok. Riga is my favorite of the cities we saw; the renovated art nouveau buildings are absolutely stunning plus there was a wonderful organ concert in a 13th century church that has one of the famed organs in all Europe --5000 pipes. I liked the bus tour as a way of getting a sense of the landscape in the countries visited. I love borscht and am not a fussy eater so liked the often-simple meals. Of course the standard breakfast buffets in hotels can set you up for the day. Also, as it happened 3x our hotels were very near an Orthodox church and every day there was a mass going on. I am so drawn to that hypnotic music and unusual liturgy so found that a good personal add-on experience.

I definitely recommend this tour to others. I can look up the guide's name to give her due credit when I get home tonight from my bookstore.

Susan Thurin

Michael Callahan

The Callahans had a great time and loved the spas. She said some of the hiking was a little tough, but they made it!!! For next year they are thinking of maybe going to Norway....so I may be back in touch with you
Thank you for you help .
Ridge Travel

Joe Andrews

Hello Ulla,
I have just spoken with my clients, and they had a wonderful trip. They were very complimentary about the accommodations especially and said it was the most beautiful country they had every visited and the people were exceptionally friendly.

Thank you for your help.

Your Partner in Travel,
Judy Boehnke

Liszt Group

Hi Ulla,
I wanted to thank you for two fabulous tours for my group!. In Stockholm. Anna Marie was such a wonderful tour guide. We loved the tour and the feedback from my people was so positive.
In Copenhagen, because the ship ended docking so far out, we didn’t have time to shop and were a little disappointed about that. But over all it was amazing in both cities.
I look forward to contacting you again when I have guests going to the Baltic.
Thanks again,
Iris Liszt

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