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Jack Drake

July 22, 2016
Specialized Scandinavia trip with Denmark and Norway feedback from the travel agent!

Hi Berniece,
HUGE SUCCESS !!!! Thank you SO MUCH! clients were very happy with their trip. No complaints!! You did such a great job, especially putting up with my anxiety and multitude of questions!!

Rebecca Rush

We are back and had a great time. Everything went very well (except, of course. All the hotels selections and the transportation were great. I'm not sure we needed the big evening meals in Balestrand and Flam that were included with our hotel price but there weren't a lot of other places to eat so that was fine. The hotels were lovely. I know they had to put us at a different hotel in Oslo than the one originally selected. I think it worked out better. The Thon Opera hotel was right near the train station but our hotel was actually connected to it. The tourist information area was right there. There were several restaurants right there and we were tired at night so could get a quick bite to eat and not go out.

So all worked out well.


Dennis Gerstein

July 25, 2016
Iceland Arrangements

Hi Berniece
All was good.
He said hotel Natura was nice.
Dinner at Blue Lagoon restaurant was very good but overpriced.
They were very happy with the tours but the 2 they loved was Golden Circle and Into Glacier.
Descending into Volcano was good.
They said they could have used 1 more day.
They Loved Iceland.
Thank you for your help.


Glendon Ceridono

Good Morning Ulla,
Just spoke to my client Laura C.
She said this was the most fantastictrip they have ever experienced.
Absolutely awesome!!
Thanks to you for all your help in
putting everything together!!
Have a lovely weekend!

Barbara Jones

Thousand Oaks, CA

August 16, 2016
Norway Trip

We had an absolutely wonderful time Berniece! Thank you so much for all of your help. Everything worked out great! The tickets etc arrived at my Aunt's house before we arrived which was so nice and worry free! We absolutely fell in love with Balestrand and our room in the hotel was fantastic!
The weather was perfect! Not one rainy day not even in Bergen! Bob took over 1000 pictures!!!

The only thing we wished had been better was on the train from Oslo to Mrydal our seats were at the very back of the car and there was no window! Fortunately for most of the ride the train was not full so we were able to sit in other seats , only at the stop before Mrydal did it become full and we had to sit in our assigned seats. It would be nice to make sure the seats have windows, we know this was not arranged by you but maybe whoever arranges it in the future could make sure the seats have windows, the rear seats do not, it would be better to put people in the middle of the car, just a suggestion. As i said for most of the ride we were able to see so it was fine.

Bob has made photo shows of our trip and will be sending them to you, he still has more to make!

Again, thank you so much!

Barb Jones :-)

Marilyn Clements

August 16, 2016
Norway & Fjords Trip

Hi Berniece:
They thought it was all fantastic actually.
They really enjoyed themselves and they did manage to make all their connections.

Thanks for all your help and advice putting that together. I have a much better sense of things over there now, even though I haven’t been there.

I will probably be coming back to you in a bit for another similar but shorter Norway itinerary.

Thanks again for all!

Carol Sorensen

My clients just returned from Iceland and they were really happy about how everything went, and was very very happy with the hotel and the location.
Thank you for all your help, clients were very happy, Have a wonderful day!

Sharmila Chakrabarti

3/15/16 (Kakslauttanen Winter package)
Ulla and Jennifer,
They had a good trip. Thank you very much for all the arrangements.
They were very pleased with the Kaklushtan log cabin resort and the glass igloo cabin.
Best Regards

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