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Gloppen Hotell

Historic Hotels Of Norway


Historical Gloppen Hotell is situated in Sandane, Nordfjord.

The hotel has many traditions dating back to its esablishment in 1829, Our most important missions has always been the hospitality and well-being of our guests.

There is a delightful mixture of old and new. The exterior of the hotel has been carefully taken care of, and the refurbishing has been done with a light touch.

Salmon and trout fishing in the Gloppen river spurred the development of this hotel set in the heart of the Gloppenfjord. Fishermen have come from around the world to Gloppen to try their luck. Gloppen was named one of the best fishing spots in all of Norway in the English guidebook Salmon fishing in Norway, published in 1904, but the English salmon lords already knew that. They`d been going there for years. In England, salmon fishing was a luxury reserved for estate owners and the aristocracy, while in Norway, anyone could pay the local farmer a few kroner for the privilege of fishing in a good river. As early as 1872, the local farmers in Sandane that renting out fishing rights on the Gloppen river could add to their income. Soon sports fishermen flocked to the area, and of cours, they needed a place to stay while they were in Sandane.

There had been a hotel in Sandane since 1846, on the same lot where Gloppen Hotell now stands. For the first 20 years, it was just a simple inn, but in 1866 Joakim E. Sivertsen was granted a license to run a country store at Sandane.

The new inn quickly became popular, and in 1890, Sivertsen built the first part of what is now known as Gloppen Hotell. At that time, it was called Sivertsen´s Hotel, after the owner. It became a natural congregating place for the English salmon lords, but equally important were the streams of immigrants going to America in the late 19th and early 20th century. This was because Sivertsen´s Hotel also housed the Cunard Line ticket office. This meant that Sivertsen´s Hotel was often the last Norwegian residence of many immigrants before they set out across the Atlantic.

Business increased, and by 1925, the hotel was too small. An addition was built in the same style as the old building. It now houses the sitting rooms and saloons. According to the standards of the day, Sivertsen´s Hotel was a modern hotel with running water and electricity.

The Sivertsen family left the business in the 1980s, and the hotel was turned into a corporation. The next eight years saw many owners and as many bankruptcies. In 1988 the hotel was purchased by K. Strømmen´s salmon farms in Bremanger, and the name was changed into Gloppen Hotell. Dag Moen was hired as manager and millions of kroner were invested in the hotel to recreate the traditional ambience that had so appealde the salmon lords.

Six years later, on December 1. 1994, Dag Moen and his wife Irene bought out his employers and took over the hotel. The new owners were fascinated by the hotel´s history, and since they took over, they have tried to go back in time. They have restored the interior and have fixed up the beautiful white wooden building to look just as good as it did in its heyday. The last big project, 10 new rooms on the third floor of the old building, was completed in May, 2000. All the rooms are different and have been decorated with wallpaper in historical patterns dating from between 1820 1890, antique furniture and lace curtains, as well as unique bathrooms with modern equipment.

In 1996, the hotel took over the fishing rights in the Gloppen River, and even though times have changed, and most of the winter guests come for courses and conferences, salmon fishermen are still in the majority from June to September. They still want good oldfashioned service at this traditional salmon hotel deep in Nordfjord.

Room Info

Today, the hotel has 40 rooms. 18 of them are historic twinrooms refurbished to to the style of 1890s. Each room is unique in colouring and furnishing. In addition, we can offer standard twin rooms and single rooms.

May 2000, ten new rooms were finished in the 2nd floor of the hotel. They are all individual decorated with special curtains and antique furnitures.

These rooms have bathrooms with excellent modern comfort.