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Sandane, Norway

Sandane is located in the Nordfjord in the famous and fabulous fjord areas of western Norway. The area offers a wide range of experiences such as: Fjordcruice, horseriding, golf, rafting, glacier climbing on the renowned Jostedalsglacier, summer- and winter skiing, mountain walks or hikes, mountain climbing, salmon- and trout fishing. You can also spend an exciting time here in Gloppen visiting Nordfjord Folkemuseum, Eidsfossen, Karnilstunet, Old Gimmestad Church, Russehola, Vereide Church and The View over this area.

Sandane has an enormous history and lots of cultur to offer. In addition Sandane is located close to other famous fjords such as the Geiranger- and the Sognefjord.