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William Spangler

10/10 Guided Iceland Circle
Hello Ulla,
Thank you for your follow-up. Yes I welcomed the Spanglers home and checked in to be sure all went well.
Indeed all planned went perfectly. . They had a fine time.
Thank you for helping me look like a hero by getting them what they wanted!
Wendy Wasserma

David Todd

August 10, 2017 Grand Tour of Iceland

What an amazing trip we are having. Astonishing sites with a versatile, well informed and endlessly good natured guide!


Richard Turnure

7/5/17 Helsinki and Tallinn arrangements
We returned yesterday from our trip and I cannot thank you enough for all your help. Both hotels were wonderful. Quiet and comfortable , but so convenient to the city centers. The tour in Finland, and both tours in Estonia were wonderful. We loved the tours and our guide and driver in Estonia!
The tours were so informative and interesting. And the ferry and transport were seamless
Thank you so much . We will definitely spread the word about all your wonderful help!

Richard Trilling

7/5/17 Four Capitals tour
Hello, We have been up since 2:30 OSLO time but overall it was an easy though tiring travel day. Wonderful trip and you done good!

7/7 Four Capitals tour
I would love to tell you all about it.
The trip was wonderful. Since we were with Faye and Richard, we were happy. Overall, it was a great time. There are many things I'd like to comment on.
The hotels accommodations were very nice. The food was good, not outstanding, but adequate.
The people or other 'guests' on the tour were very nice.
I was able to do most of the activities, despite my walking issues.
I appreciated your speedy response when I panicked about checking in and getting the boarding pass.
The local tour guides were excellent.
The bus drivers were amazing.
For future references I found the trip very strenuous. I am sure if I could walk better, it would have been fine.
I was disappointed with Helsinki leg of the trip. We just didn't have enough time to get around. We had the tour, then had lunch, and by that time, we had to walk back to the ship and didn't get to go where we wanted.
The canal boat trips suggested in Stockholm and Copenhagen were lovely. My favorite thing in Oslo was the Vigeland Garden. It was amazing. Also, I loved that they took us to the ski jump and went in the simulator. That was so much fun.
The ferry boats were quite nice, considering how small the cabins are.
All in all, it was a wonderful experience. I think you get what you pay for. We had a lot of extra expense for meals that were not included. But we knew that going in. I like a tour that is more all inclusive.
So again, thank you for all your help and guidance to make this a memorable trip for us.
If there is anything else you would like to know, I'd be happy to respond.
Marilyn Sniderman

Carl Swanson

7/17/17 Norway, CPH & STO pkg
We wanted to thank you for all that you did to arrange our Scandinavia trip. Everything was so well planned and all went off without a hitch. Thank you for your recommendations. It was a wonderful trip! We know it was a lot of work to do all that such last minute like that. Great job!

Carl & Tom

Randall Ballment

6/30/17 Land of the Fjords
Hello Scantours friend,
My mother (95), brother, and myself just completed your "Land of the Fjords, Bergen - Oslo in 6 Days” and want to commend you on an excellent tour. The tour route traveled through the most beautiful parts of Norway, the accommodations were elegant and of the highest quality, the food absolutely delicious and abundant, and the coordination was seamless.
Our tour guide Ivres was warm, supportive, helpful, knowledgeable, handled all the details with skill,care, and ease, brought alive the history, culture, and geography of Norway, and was easy-going and quite delightful! He made a personal connection with everyone on the tour, and made us all feel welcome and connected with each other. He was patient and kind, even with limitations. My mother at age 95, used a walker, and my brother, who is obese, also used a walker, and Ivres related with each of them with the greatest acceptance, respect, kindness, support, and light hearted connection. I have a neck and spine injury, and your new bus was quite comfortable for my spine. Erik, our bus driver, drove with the greatest care, and we felt very safe and cared for by him throughout the tour. He too was very helpful and respectful with the limitations of my family.
Thank you for an excellent tour from beginning to end. I will highly recommend this tour and your company to others, and am copying this email to our travel agent for his consideration as well.
I would like to request a map that this tour took so that I can show the route to others who may be interested in taking the tour.
With sincere gratitude for your excellent services,

Mark Kozinn

7/7/17 Independent package in Norway
We did enjoy our time in the fjords. I thought the kayaking in Balestrand was just fair. A lot of time to put on dry suits and not as much time kayaking. (We later got out fill kayaking in Spitzbergen).
We did have an issue that was resolved well. We wanted to take an earlier boat and train from Balestrand to get to Oslo earlier in the day. Your office in Norway was terrific in helping us do that. The people on the Flam railway were difficult to work with and your office, once we got to Flam, was instrumental in letting us change the times of our tickets. They spoke with them over the telephone while I was at the counter and made something happen that the people said couldn’t be done.
I really appreciated their help.

Mark Kidd

July 6, 2017
Hi Berniece,
We had a very wonderful trip. We loved Norway, so incredibly beautiful, and the people there are just lovely. The hotels were really great and in perfect locations. We were greeted warmly by all the staff and they made us feel welcome. We loved the suppers in Balestrand looking out over the fiord. Delicious. Very special and unexpected. We had a perfect table both nights. The ride on the Fiord was a little tough for us, not exactly what we were expecting. Lars was very nice though and gave us all equipment necessary. But just in case someone else requests it they should know that it will be one wild, rough ride :). And there are probably some that would really like that. We did see a beautiful waterfall and it definitely was an experience.

Thank you for everything!!! We did not have even one hiccup and we came home with lots of very good memories. We appreciate all your help immensely.

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