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Aalborg, Denmark

Situated in the middle of North Jutland, Aalborg is a city worth seeing Aalborg lies at the centre of North Jutland, a region blessed by nature with the most hours of sunshine in Denmark. This is a city full of life and charm - both day and night. Aalborg isknown as a festive city that never sleeps, with a nightlife that has given the city the nickname The Little Paris of the North.

With more than 300 restaurants and pubs in the city there is food and drink for all tastes.

In the famous and much-loved street known as Jomfru Ane Gade, the nightlife lasts until the wee hours. Here, you will find discotheques, pubs, cafés and bars wherever you look.

There is a variety of tourist attractions and sights plus many exciting activities and events. High above Aalborg stands the Aalborg Tower providing an extensive view from 105 metres above sea level. As well as the view over the fjord, you might get a glimpse of the sightseeing boat, the Hornfisken.

The Jens Bang house is the finest example of renaissance domestic architecture in Northern Europe, built in 1624 by the wealthy merchant Jens Bang. For over 300 years, the building has been the home of Aalborg's oldest pharmacy, and in all that time the house has never been sold.

Jørgen Olufsens Gård is a well preserved merchant's house with timber frame and stones from 1616.

Aalborg Zoo has 150 different species of animals from all over the world. If you come at feeding time you will have a very special experience. If your family wants a real fun day, Tivoliland is the right place to be. On the boomerang and the rollercoaster everything is turned upside down and the gentle merry-go-rounds bring a smile to the faces of the little ones.

Lindholm Høje is a Burial site from the Germanic Iron Age with 682 graves. North of the burial ground lies a village with remains of houses, fences, wells and fire pits. Many of the discoveries are presented in the museums unusual exhibits.

Aalborghus Castle was built by King Christian the 3rd in 1539-55 as the residence of the local governor. It was equipped with large store rooms for produce from the area farms..

Aalborg Kloster is Denmark's oldest social institution, founded as the House of the Holy Ghost in 1431 by maren Hemmings and granted the status of monastery in 1451. Since the Reformation, the building has served as a hospiital and housed the city's grammar school for nearly 300 years. Denmark's first resistance group, the Churchill Club, was based in the monastery during the Second World War. The monastery is one of the biggest and most well preserved in Denmark. Only the original church does not exist any longer. Today, the monastery has 25 residences for the elderly.

At the Naval museum you can board a real submarine and operate a real periscope. If you love water, you will be in your element at the swimming centre in Nørresundby.