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Utne Hotel

Fjord Hotels

Imagine being able to take your holiday at a gentle tempo, relax in a unique environment far from the hustle and bustle of the city. There is such a place in the middle of the Hardanger Fjord district.

The Utne Hotel is one of the oldest in Norway to have operated continuously as a hotel in the same building. Travellers have been enjoying food and shelter here since 1722, when Peder Larsson Børsem first acquired a licence to receive guests, and up to the present day. The hotel has a three-hundred year tradition of care and consideration for its guests. The tradition was personified by Mother Utne (Torbjørg Utne, 1812 1903).

Since the hotel was built in 1722 it has been extended, upgraded and restored at different types, most recently in winter 2003/2004.

The Utne Hotel has to be experienced. A stay here is akin to living in a history book. Building details, household items and decor have been carefully preserved.


Nearby attractions include Hardanger Folklore Museum, good walking terrain, short distance from Folgefonna Summer Skiing Centre and Røldal Skiing Centre, fishing in the Hardanger Fjord and Golf.