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Ullensvang Hotel

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Ullensvang Hotel

Ullensvang is not only the largest fruit garden in Norway, with its 450.000 fruit trees. The fjord and the green luxuriant hills stretching up towards the Folgefonna glacier has for more than a century been a tempting destination for travellers from all over the world. The local vicar hosted travellers already in the 18th century. And the famous norwegian painters Tidemand and Gude have shown their impressions through Norway's most famous painting, "The Bridal Journey of Hardanger".

"Had I known it was so beautiful here, I would have come before", said Björnstjerne Björnson, a Norwegian author.

Hotel Ullensvang is family owned, and has been since the establishing in 1846. Perhaps the most famous guest through all these years, is the composer Edvard Grieg. He came for the first time in 1878, and spent many summers, and one winter, in Lofthus. In Lofthus, he found the inspiration for music like "Springtime", "The Holberg Suite" and "Peer Gynt Suite". His composers cabin is still here, displayed in the hotel garden, and the surrounding nature can still inspire and impress even the greatest travelers!


Hotel Ullensvang is situated in the peaceful village of Lofthus in the heart of Norway's unparalleled Fjord District

Room Info

The hotel has a capacity for 250 beds. All rooms are equipped with private facilities and balconies. Indoors, you`ll find a heated swimming pool, whirl-pool and foot-massage. Game room with billiards, ping-pong etc. Trim-room, Tennis, Hair-dresser, Solarium, Sauna and children's playhouse.