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Mosjoen, Norway

Mosjøen is an industrial town of approximately 10,000 inhabitants at the head of Vefsnfjord in Nordland county, Norway. The old part of town, especially Sjøgata (street) near the fjord, is charming with old wooden houses, galleries and cafes. This is one of the oldest wooden buildings in North Norway.

One of the largest rivers in North Norway, Vefsna, meets the fjord in Mosjøen, and there used to be sawmills in the town. The area around Mosjøen is dominated by spruce forests, fjords, mountains and some farms.

The town is located only some 150 km south of the Arctic Circle and summer nights are almost as bright as the day.

Surrounded by forests and fast flowing rivers, Mosjoen is home to a mixture of industry and tourism and seems to the visitor to be a thriving residential area. It is welcoming and quite charming.

Mosjoen is an ideal setting off point if you are intending to travel northwards to Bodo via the Coast Road, Rv 17. The route along the fjord towards Rv 17 is in itself a beautiful journey and worth travelling just for the wonderful views across the fjord. However, once you have come this far, to turn south again without travelling the stunning coast road would be madness. It will take you all day including 3 ferry trips. As you cross the Melfjord you cross the arctic circle and you will be stunned by the beauty of the surrounding islands that seem to have been draped along the horizon.