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Lillesand, Norway

Summer tourists from far and near know Lillesand as an inviting, immaculate, whitewashed idyll of wooden houses, whose walls act as sun traps.

On the towns seafront you will discover one of Norways best visitors harbours, a sheltered and comfortable harbour providing accommodation and all facilities. The centre of Lillesand, with its streets and alleys full of shops, restaurants, bars, museums and art galleries, is swarming with life. Sightseeing boats depart several times a day for trips around Blindleia.

In Høvåg, midway between Kristiansand and Lillesand, you find Høvåg Bronze Age Settlement, The World of the Vikings, a historical and archaeological museum showing daily life as we imagine it to have been 3,800 years ago. Having visited Høvåg you should drop into Skottevig Maritime Centre, where you can hire a boat, enjoy some sea fishing or take a swim in the centres own swimming pool.

In the centre of Lillesand is Carl Knudsengården, the Lillesand Town and Shippingmuseum, which includes a mansion. In the outhouses there are also all sorts of craft workshops connected with the age of sailing ships.