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Hornbaek, Denmark


Hornbaek is just 50 km north of the Danish capital Copenhagen. It is a real treat for everyone who enjoys life at the seaside: the beach, the light, the fresh air, the scenery, the quiet of the countryside and peace of mind combined with a wide range of restaurants, a variety of shops and an inspiring cultural life.

All this attracts visitors from a large area including many day visitors from Copenhagen.Hornbaek welcomes its visitors now as it has been done for the past 120 years. Like in most parts of North Zealand, there are many holiday cottages in Hornbaek. Most of them are not for rent, but are occupied by their owners â Copenhageners â at weekends and in the summertime. The town is characterized by this special kind of integrated tourism: every year the same visitors stay all summer while commuting to Copenhagen to work.

Are you spending the holidays in Hornbaek, please remember well in advance to book accommodation whether you want to stay in holiday cottage, annex, hotel, guesthouse, campsite or Bed & Breakfast.

Hornbaek offers this very particular experience: seated on a bench one early morning, you may watch the sunrise over the sea in the east and later on in the evening, on the very same bench, you may watch the sunset over the sea in the west. In general, you will find many benches in both public and private areas where people come on a regular basis.With some 6,000 residents Hornbaek is centred round the marina, the old fishing village and areas of holiday cottages. Shopping street and restaurants are within walking distance. The school, the residential home, the day-care centres and the sport centres are located within a range of about 3 km, and so are more recently built residential areas. There are many families with children in Hornbaek. Families who appreciate living in this paradise for families. There are also many holiday cottage owners who have chosen to enjoy the retirement in this paradise. The town that once was a fishing village is now home to many commuters working in the Copenhagen area. Only a very few fishermen are still working full-time, whereas a lot of people enjoy pleasure fishing.