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Alan George

Hi Ulla

Just a short note to say what a fabulous time we had in St Petersburg due to our brilliant guide Adah and driver Serge. The hotel was a tad noisy (due I'm sure to school holidays) but a great location and easy to find after venturing out of an afternoon/evening. Superb trip and thanks for organising a 'once in a lifetime' journey.
Alan & Diane George

David DeLong

Happy new year, Ulla!
I’ve been meaning to forward you a copy of the email I received from Sandrina. It is quite possibly the best review from a client that I’ve ever received. They had an amazing time. I shared it with my husband and he immediately asked when we are going to take the same trip!
Thank you for all of your help. Here’s the email I received:

Dear Melinda,
Hello, hope all is well. Finland was wonderful! Can't wait to go back to Helsinki. Lapland was great also. The hotel you picked for us was very nice. Wonderful location and wonderful accommodations. The complementary breakfast was wonderful. Actually it was remarkable. Language was not an issue, everyone speaks English. Even amongst themselves. The menus, signs, billboards, everything is in English.

Let me tell you about lapland. When we arrived it was snowing, a perfect way to start our adventure. We were greeted so nicely at the airport and the bus ride was nice.
We were greeted at the resort and given a map to our cabin. We walked about 1/4 mile or more to our cabin. The cabins are nicely spaced, not a domino effect. The road was not too lit up so it was a chore to find our cabin, but we found it. Most cabins are nestled into the woods a bit. The cabin was remarkable. The cabins are very clean and the huge bed was so comfortable and the down comforters were top notch, you get one for each person. The cabin has Two bedrooms, two bath, living room, dining room and a kitchen with everything except food. The resort provides the firewood for you as well. They start you off with a nice pile of wood and then there's a small cabin off the walk that is FULL of cut wood.
All the bathroom floors are heated. Really nice, especially when you utilize the bathroom at night or taking a shower. There's your own personal sauna in each cabin.
The food at the main lodge was really good. For dinner I ate reindeer, curry chicken and a wonderful white fish. David is a very picky eater so for dinner he ate plain chicken, plain chicken and then again plain chicken. Breakfast was very good as well, very europeon.

After two wonderful nights in the cabin it was time to go to the glass igloo. This time we took a sled with us so we didn't have to drag our luggage in the snow. The resort has these sleds propped in front of the resort. As guests you can use then anytime you want. I highly recommend it. We received another map with our igloo number circled and off we walked with our luggage on the sled. Loved it! It's part of the adventure. The sleds are on the other side of the resort, very secluded. It's a bit of a walk, over a bridge overlooking the frozen river. Basically the only people over by the igloos are the residents of the igloo. Yeah us! The igloo was amazing. First of all they are all temperature controlled. The double pained windows are heated so as it snows the snow melts instantly. The beds were so comfortable, you get two twin beds but they put them together for you if you want. The zebra bed covers are a crack up, and the down comforters were top notch in the igloos as well. The beds have remote controls so you can see the northern light without straining your neck. The bathroom was nice, no shower but as long as you plan ahead and take one before you leave your cabin your all good. There is a community shower area but at -15F degrees below zero, I wasn't going to attempt it. We did see the northern lights but not very vibrant. It still was wonderful. The next day we loaded our sled and off to Helsinki again.

Excursions: we did the husky dog sled and the snowmobiling. They offered couple other excursions but we opted to only do those two. * don't worry about booking excursions in advance. They accommodate everyone. The people who run the excursions are SO nice and friendly. They provide WARM ski clothes, shoes and gloves. Actually anything related to that particular excursion is included. They provide hot beverage and pastries afterwords, yummy.

David fell/slipped on the first day at the resort and fractures/broke his rib on one side. Even though we just booked the excursion about an hour before they DO NOT allow cancellations, so we had to pay for it even though he was injured. So what they did for him was; he went with all of us going on the husky dog sledding. He sat in on all the instructions etc..then we were off sledding and david was treated to a personal tour of the husky farm (as they call it) got to see the brand new husky puppies etc.. They didn't just leave him there in the changing room. They made him feel that even though he couldn't go on the husky dog sled he was entertained. He actually had a blast as so did I.
The next day he bit the bullet and went on the snowmobile excursion. We were the only ones. So we got a personalized snowmobiling experience.

Back to Helsinki, we really loved Helsinki. I wish we would have had more time in Helsinki.

Overall I would recommend this trip. Make sure who eve goes that there is a lot of walking. No one helps with luggage. I have a Fitbit and I walked over 15,000 steps a day.
Please don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions.

Fran Tobin

Dear Ulla,
I just want to tell you how much my sister, Joan, and I enjoyed our Northern Lights Excursion tour on October 17 to 24. Iceland is so beautiful! We had a wonderful time and our days were packed with activities - not too little, not too much - and our tour mates were all congenial. Our guide, Berg, was very informative, polite, and PATIENT!
My sister and her husband plan to return to Iceland in 2015 and do some independent travel.
Thanks again. The trip was a great value and provided memories for a lifetime.


Ron Ralya

Sept. 14, 2014
We had a wonderful trip to Iceland. Everything was as expected, or better! Loved Anna Laura, our driver/guide. Thank you for making it easy and smooth!

Heidi Mitchell

Oct 4, 2014
Hello Ulla,
I just wanted to thank you for your help in planning our trip to Norway. Everything went very well, we had enjoyed great time spent with family and also sightseeing on our own. All the hotels were excellent, no snags and everything was smooth!

Richard Cavanah

Aug 1
Good news! Both couples were very happy with all your arrangements for them! They are in love with Norway. They mentioned Bergen in particular.
Thank you so much for your efforts on our behalf.
Have a great weekend,
Mary Lou

Karen Ross

22 July 2014

Dear Berniece,
We wanted you to know that we had a wonderful trip to Iceland this past week. Everything worked out perfectly, and we were very happy with all the bus transfers, our hotel, and the day excursions.
It's a wonderful place, and we appreciated all your efforts to make it a great experience for us.

Best, Karen Ross

Karen Lewis

July 23, 2014
We had a GREAT trip! Thanks so much for all your assistance in making it so special.
We commented often on how much we appreciated the central locations and/or the remarkable views from our hotels.
Only two slight glitches along the way. First was the Flam railway - because the train was late leaving Oslo, we missed the train we should have taken to Flam. This caused a delay and overbooking of the train we ended up taking. No one’s fault, just an annoyance. Nice views, but we were jammed in like sardines and didn’t have time to do anything more in Flam than run for the boat they were holding for us.
A real highlight of the trip was travelling on the Hurtigruten to the Lofoton Islands and our beautiful little fishing village in Svolvaer! A destination we would not have found without your help. But then there were the glaciers, Bergen and Balestrand … Hard to choose a high point when there were so many.
To summarize, a good time was had by all! Our documents arrived as promised in Stockholm and we’re so very pleased with all the arrangements.
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