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David Gormley

I returned home from Scandinavia last night. Everything turned out very well, and I had a great time in all three countries that I visited. I think that my favorite city was Oslo, and I really enjoyed the bike trip in Denmark.

A few general items for you . . . .

The folks at Scandinavian Airlines were very pleasant. My luggage got lost this past Friday night when I flew back up from Copenhagen to Gothenburg, so I had no overnight supplies that night or fresh clothes yesterday. Fortunately, a helpful gate agent yesterday learned that the bag had just arrived in Gothenburg that morning, and she made sure that it was retagged and was loaded onto my Gothenburg-to-Copenhagen-to-Dulles-to-Columbus flights just minutes before my flight took off from Gothenburg for Copenhagen yesterday. The retagged bag did make it all the way to Columbus. Phew.

The Norway hotels that you found for me were all great. I especially liked Kvikne's in Balestrand. The dinner buffet there was amazing.

The Bike Denmark program was really relaxing and was very well organized. Everything worked out great at all of the hotels along the way during those five days.

Yolanda Hager

My niece and I had
a wonderful trip, and all of the arrangements you made were perfectly
fabulous for enabling us to check-in and out of hotels, take tours,
trains, etc. with no problems whatsoever. I was amazed at the ease of
the process.

I certainly appreciate the time and effort you put in to helping our
trip move along so smoothly. It made an enormous difference to us in
our enjoyment of the trip.

Again, many thanks for your help with our trip.

All best, Margaret Hager

Drake Wilson

Jack Drake- Norway customized package

HUGE SUCCESS !!!! Thank you SO MUCH! Drake & Mincberg were very happy with their trip. No complaints!! You did such a great job, especially putting up with my anxiety and multitude of questions!!


Larry, Lars, and Connie Berglund

Greetings Berniece,
The Berglunds wish to thank you for your great suggestions and help for Norway and Sweden in June. We loved Balestrand and were so glad you suggested two nights there rather than staying in Flam; the railway was fun though. Probably our second favorite place was the Hardanger Fjord and Eisfjord with its wonderful museum (I booked that day.) Hotel Esplanade in Stockholm was terrific and the people were so helpful. Oslo was perhaps the least interesting and there were many (near Eastern, perhaps) street beggers; not expected in a very prosperous, socialistic country.
Gotland was a highlight of the trip with Midsummer with our cousins; Lars had another 15 year old boy to chum with and that was very special.
ALL the lower cabins in Juno were noisy so it didn't really matter where you were. They gave Lars a separate cabin since the "triple" was no where near a triple and there were quite a number of empty cabins. The people on the upper deck said their cabins were very HOT, so I guess we were in a good spot for the cost. The weather on the canal trip was cold and rainy but the rest of our month was lovely and quite sunny, basically no rain.
Thanks again, Connie Berglund
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