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William Smallwood

03 April 2017

We had an absolutely incredible trip and we LOVED Iceland! We hope to try to go back next year or the year after in the summertime. The timing was impeccable - between all the snow (which was soo pretty) to the holiday (lamb feast) then their "Halloween", where their were kids dressed up and singing for candy on Ash Wednesday.

We really enjoyed the the food, even the fermented shark was much better than reviews by Americans made it out to be.
Four wheel drive was very necessary (and we got an awesome upgrade because they were out of the economy reservation). We loved the drive around, self tour or as we referred to it as "create-your-own-adventure".

We did not see the Northern Light (or at least we don't think we did), others were saying they say it.... We did see a shooting star though, while sitting in the outdoor geothermal hot tub at our hotel in Fludir. It was just Will and me out in the snow covered patio area at 10pm.

Loved the Fontana baths, glad we went there. Even went into the lake up to our knees, which was adjacent to the baths.

We couldn't have asked for a better first trip to Iceland. We fell completely in love with the country, people, food, and culture. And we could really go on and even write a more extended version of this email - we packed as much as we could into our time, while still relaxing. Loved all the hotels - each was special in it's own way. Let us know if we can provide more feedback.

Thank you so much for helping plan this and booking it for us.
Lauren & Will

James Shepherd

16 Nov, 2016

Hi !
Our trip, thanks to your guidance, was perfectly seamless in every way! Its impossible for me to tell you which fjord or hotel or train was our favorite. It just all worked together for our trip of a lifetime. I just wish it could've been longer and covered more of Scandinavia , especially Stockholm and Gothenburg.
Bergen was wonderful! Flambasa was amazing! We want to go back!
Thanks for all you do! You are the BEST!

Maureen Rosati-Wee

10/11/16 Iceland self drive
Hello Ulla,
Just spoke to Maureen.
They had the most wonderful trip ever. A dream come true. One of her most favorite countries she’s ever visited.
Thanks for putting it all together. With the exception of that one hotel, everything was fabulous.
Have a lovely weekend!

Scott Shellabarger

9/7/16- Iceland Self Drive Program
Hi Berniece,
Mr. Shellabarger got back from his trip to Iceland and had a spectacular time. He said it was his best trip EVER! WOW. Thanks for making it go smoothly for him.

Sondra Stallard

Specialized Scandinavia Trip

Hi Berniece,
The trip was perfectly managed. The hotels were good, with great locations. The internal flights and train trips and excursions were all perfect. The weather was rainy and cool a lot, but it didn't dampen our spirits. I will send some pictures and other information later after the jet lag has worn off.
All my best

Edward Everts

Hi Ulla,
Well, the Everts finally returned yesterday from their Norwegian and Icelandic sojourn. I spoke with Mrs. Everts this morning and she said to be sure and tell you that they absolutely loved all the arrangements that you made for them in Norway. Thank you, thank you!

7/26/16 Independent Norway arrangements
Hi Ulla,
Just thought you would like to know that, so far, so good. The Everts love Norway and all of the arrangements have worked out really well.
The room they had in Stalheim was just a few rooms down from the one that Conde Naste says is the best room to stay in.
They are on the Hurtigruten cruise right now and will be back in Bergen on August 4th to continue the tour you arranged for them.
Thank you for you great work!

Marian Blessing
Odyssey Travel

Ronald Harber

8/5/16 Grand Tour of Scandinavia & St. Petersburg

The trip was great! All connections, transfers and tours were good. We saw many things and still had time on our own which we very much liked. The Robinson tour company was very good and our tour guide, Yves Vasquaz, was exceptional.
The only exception to these comments would be the Scandic Hotel Ornen in Bergen. It was certainly new and creative but our room, as well as several others, faced an inner open area. Our only window faced other room windows and the glass elevators where people would wave to us until we finally kept the curtains closed! Very strange concept!
The Norway part of the tour was amazing. The small towns where we stayed along the fjords were to beautiful to describe.
All good!
Thank you so much!
Ron and Sue Harber

Frank Ricci

7-22-16 (Copenhagen & Bergen Deluxe Tour)
Just wanted you to know the trip you booked was great. All the hotels were exceptional, the itinerary was perfect and our tour guide, Ignacio Engel was fantastic. He made sure every detail was clearly explained and was extemely informative.
Thank you!
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