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Barbara Pagano

Guided Iceland Tour

Fabulous trip, excellent guide, great tour company, wonderful accommodations. I even saw the aurora!
I cannot wait to return.
Thanks for the recommendation - it was a perfect trip.

Barbara Pagano

Jeff Snyder

1/5/16 (Kirkenes Snow Hotel pkg)
Success all around – saw the northern lights, great dogsledding and snow hotel was amazing experience – one of a kind!

Terry Hong

1-4-16 (Snow Hotel Package in Kirkenes, Norway)
"thanks, we had great time catching the Northern Lights, but it is Cold.
Terry Hong

Keith Sullivan

12/17/15 Kakslauttanen, Finland

I was going to send you an email to let you know how things went.
We had a great time. Everything went so smoothly, no hitches at all.
We got to see the Northern Lights - kind of by accident though. We were eating dinner and everyone kept going outside and I told my husband I'm going out to see possibly the Northern Lights. Glad I did. We could see them so clear. They really "performed" for us. I went back in to grab my husband and he enjoyed them too. That night we went out on the snowmobiles to see them and we did, but not nearly as good as we did earlier in the evening.
It was extremely cold. We stayed in the glass igloos - the only night it was cloudy and it snowed - go figure. No Northern Lights that night.
The log cabins were so cute. The whole log was very rustic, huge logs make up the rooms and the lodge.
Visiting Santa was good. The kids staying there and on the tour with us made it special too.
The reindeer farm by horse sleigh was good but we would have thought there would be more reindeer. Only 3 there but we saw plenty the day before.
We had time one day so we took a bus to Saaraselik (spelling). That was good too.
Helinski was really nice too. Only a short time there though. Our plane was late so we had even a shorter time.
We are glad to be home but it was a really good trip. We would recommend it.
I took about 400 pictures.
Thanks again for arranging this for us.

Luther Brice

12/30/15- Reykjavik Stopover

Hi Berniece,
The Brice’s did have a wonderful time. They said everyone was so accommodating and everything went smoothly for them. The only complaint was that they weren’t there long enough!! : )

All the best in 2016!


Richard Ranft

Gail Jackson

Just a quick email to Thank You. My clients had a wonderful time. They said the guide books and maps were very helpful.. Everything went smoothly, hotels were very nice, clean and all had very friendly staff members.
They could not have been happier and had an amazing time. They want to go back in the future. They would like to see other sights.
Thanks again, I appreciate all your help.

Hidden Powers & Northern Lights Group

18 Oct 2015- Iceland Trip

Hi Berniece,

Our group had a wonderful trip to Iceland except for the rain. Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do about that.

Yes, they did see the Aurora Borealis. It was fantastic. Many thought it was a trip of a lifetime.

Thank you for your assistance with our group. All the best, Lois

Joan Berg

Our trip was delightful! All the arrangements worked perfectly! Thank you for helping to make this dream come true.
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