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Mark Kozinn

7/7/17 Independent package in Norway
We did enjoy our time in the fjords. I thought the kayaking in Balestrand was just fair. A lot of time to put on dry suits and not as much time kayaking. (We later got out fill kayaking in Spitzbergen).
We did have an issue that was resolved well. We wanted to take an earlier boat and train from Balestrand to get to Oslo earlier in the day. Your office in Norway was terrific in helping us do that. The people on the Flam railway were difficult to work with and your office, once we got to Flam, was instrumental in letting us change the times of our tickets. They spoke with them over the telephone while I was at the counter and made something happen that the people said couldn’t be done.
I really appreciated their help.

Mark Kidd

July 6, 2017
Hi Berniece,
We had a very wonderful trip. We loved Norway, so incredibly beautiful, and the people there are just lovely. The hotels were really great and in perfect locations. We were greeted warmly by all the staff and they made us feel welcome. We loved the suppers in Balestrand looking out over the fiord. Delicious. Very special and unexpected. We had a perfect table both nights. The ride on the Fiord was a little tough for us, not exactly what we were expecting. Lars was very nice though and gave us all equipment necessary. But just in case someone else requests it they should know that it will be one wild, rough ride :). And there are probably some that would really like that. We did see a beautiful waterfall and it definitely was an experience.

Thank you for everything!!! We did not have even one hiccup and we came home with lots of very good memories. We appreciate all your help immensely.


Jeffrey Crouse

7/7/17 Golden Circle self-drive tour in Iceland
Dear Ulla,
They had a wonderful time!!!!!!!!!
Thank you!

Margaret Ashworth

6-28-17 Visa free cruise
Just wanted to let you know that our trip from Helsinki to St. Petersburg was great. Everything worked out very smoothly and we had a great time. Our guide was wonderful and she spoke perfect English. We had our own guide and driver. The Hotel was very nice and we found the whole experience to be very enjoyable. Thanks for your help – we would go again!
Peggy Ashworth

Steven Krebs

6/30/17 Geysers, Glaciers and Waterfalls self-drive tour in Iceland
Hi Ulla,
They had a fantastic time. I checked out all of their pictures and now I put it on my list of places to visit! They did not mention the accommodations or transportation, so I guess they were fine.
Thanks again for the help and I look forward to doing business with you again.


Michael Gettino

June 13, 2017
Hi Ulla,
Thanks for your help with Mr. Gettino. He just called to tell me he had a great trip! Everything worked out great! They took lots of pictures.
As expected, you guys always deliver! Thanks for all your help!
Have a great day!

Charlotte Adams

25 April 2017
Hi Berniece,

I called tonight but you were already gone from work.

I can't express in words just how wonderful my trip to Iceland was.
It gives me chills to think back and relive every day of my tour.
Everything went exactly as planned; the hotels were beautiful, our
tour guide and driver were both professional, courteous, and so much
fun to be with for the whole week. The scenery speaks for itself.

I want to thank you again for the time and effort you put forth to make my
trip to Iceland so enjoyable. I am already checking out your tours to
Greenland. I am thinking about going in the fall, probably around

I have spread the word about how great Scantours is. I can't wait to
to work with you again when planning my next trip.

Thanks again for a totally awesome time.

Charlotte Adams
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Georgia Lange

Dear Ulla,
Just got home from our wonderful trip to Iceland. Last night was the best: Blue lagoon, great dinner, and the Northern Lights. Everyone loved the whole experience. Our guide and driver were excellent.
On the super windy day last Friday, we were comped a lunch and added an extra excursion to see an amazing canyon. Our group was quite pleased.
I thank you, Ulla, for all of your help and your quick responses to the many many questions I have had. It had been a pleasure working with you,
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