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The M/S Expedition

M/S Expedition
Length105 m
Beam18 m
Draft5 m
Tonnage6336 tons
Cruise Speed16 knots
ClassSwedish/Finnish 1B

At a nimble 105 metres (345 ft) in length, with a capacity to hold 120 guests, the M/S Expedition is an ideal vessel to ply polar waters. We will be investing $15,000,000 in refurbishment and retrofit to ensure that the ship is suited for our style of expedition travel. With a focus on top of the line safety, comfort and the unique demands of polar travel, we will be transforming the M/S Expedition into one of the world's leading polar expedition cruise ships.

Size And Speed Matter

The M/S Expedition is large enough to provide stability, speed, spacious cabins and ample public space. Yet she is small enough to maneuver in remote areas and get you close to the action. Ship stabilizers ensure a smooth ride in rough waters, such as the infamous Drake Passage, allowing you to enjoy more of your time at sea. A fleet of ten zodiacs allows passengers to get out and actively explore the remote shores of our destinations. The M/S Expedition is a speedy vessel. A top speed of 16 knots means you'll spend less time getting from A to B, and more time to explore your surroundings.


To ensure that you have an extraordinary experience, we have limited the maximum number of guests to 120. The brand new top-of-the-line cabins provide a variety of affordable doubles and triples, higher end double cabins and luxurious suites. Singles are also available in all cabin categories. All rooms provide outside cabins with views (window or porthole) and full private en-suite bathrooms.

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