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Escorted Tours In Greenland

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Ilulissat - Image of the Ice - 4 Days from Reykjavik
4 Days / 1 locations in Greenland
From $4730 Per Person Double Occupancy

Greenland is the calm and quiet neighbor of Iceland. Greenland lies west to Iceland. Even though Greenland is much bigger than Iceland, it is not visited by many travelers yet. With the unbelievable scenery and the unspoiled nature, Greenland is the best place to visit if you live in Iceland or searching for another destination combined to your trip to Iceland.Optional activities can be added to the basic itinerary at a surcharge. The unpredictable weather is a challenge to the travel industry in Greenland, and sometimes cancellation may happen. But if you book your excursions with us together with the multi-day tours, our trusted Arctic Adventure guide will try to figure out a satisfactory solution if any cancellation occurs. View Itinerary & Departures »

Greenland from South to North from Reykjavik - 8 Days
8 Days / 4 locations in Greenland
From $5757 Per Person Double Occupancy

Departures from Reykjavik. Discover the immense variety of nature on this grand tour of Greenland: The beautiful and fertile South Greenland with the fascinating history of the Vikings; Nuuk, a modern capital in a traditional Inuit society and Ilulissat - town of Icebergs with the UNESCO World Heritage site; Ilulissat Ice Fjord. View Itinerary & Departures »

Ilulissat Town of Icebergs from Copenhagen - 5 Days
5 Days / 3 locations in Greenland
From $3138 Per Person Double Occupancy

This tour is a combination of two of the most interesting destinations in West Greenland: Ilulissat is located next to the biggest glacier in the northern hemisphere and the town over looks the ice fiord with huge icebergs drifting towards open sea. You can experience the life and culture of the greenlanders north of the polar circle. The Kangerlussuaq area offers unique landscape and superb chances of seeing arctic wildlife like musk oxen and reindeer. View Itinerary & Departures »

Volcanoes and Ice, 7 Days from Reykjavik
7 Days / 2 locations in Greenland and Iceland
From $3574 Per Person Double Occupancy

The first thing the Vikings saw centuries ago, when they arrived to South Iceland was the glacier Vatnajokull. Therefore they named the land, Iceland. Nevertheless, there is much more to learn about this fascinating country. View Itinerary & Departures »